Sanders Armory 20" Upper Receiver (Long Barrels Rule)

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Sanders Armory 20" Upper Receiver (Long Barrels Rule)

23 454 views | 26 Apr. 2016
23 454 views | 26 Apr. 2016

This video is a combination review and demonstration where I show how this Sanders Armory upper with a 20" barrel produces excellent velocity even with Green Tip 62gr 5.56, and punches right through Level III steel body armor.

Unless you have a really good reason (you probably don't) you should have as long of a 5.56 barrel as you can. Speed kills.

Check out http://sandersarmoryusa.com/ !!

You can see my CarbonTV channel here: http://mbsy.co/dWNGq?url=http://www.carbontv.com/shows/the-wound-channel/from:ambassador

As always I would like to say thank you to www.raefordguns.com


Vic Nighthorse

SBRs are not all about irrationality even if you don't clear rooms for a living. A10.5" .338 Spectre will retain more energy and drift less than any cartridge put through that 20" at 500yd+. And it will do it subsonic. It'll never go though a rifle plate at any distance though. Not saying such a gun is better for fighting than a good 20" .223, just that it does have advantages that you might not be considering. I also imagine that a lot of folks are buying that 3+ stuff and even with that 20" you'd have to be pretty close to hole it.


Cool review. Wish I would have found them before going to MAS Defense for an upper build, but seems like a very similar product.


Hello my friend i doing a 20in build myself my question is what weight buffer are you running. sweet rifle btw can't wait to shot mine

Benjamin Johnson

I think part if the SBR thing is just that people find them fun to shoot. Let's face it, most of the guns most people buy, especially ar-15's, aren't puchased for the sake of being practical, they're purchased because they're fun, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'd probably only own one rifle if I just bought what I truly needed. I own most of my guns just for fun. If owning an SBR is somehow more fun for you, then all the power to you.


The reason a lot of people like SBRs is because the shorter barrel shortens the overall length of the rifle and moves the point of balance back, which makes the rifle more maneuverable.

Trevor Chouinard

The 223/5.56 is mostly dependent on speed, why would you take away the round's biggest advantage by cutting the barrel so short

Casimir Kulikowski

Damn that barrel looks cool with the awesome muzzle break on it.


how about putting some gel behind the armor so we can see the wounding capacity after it defeats the armor? we know it's going to ouch, but how much ouch is the question.

Jimmy Giron

finally you went 20" bro

ThepDen SatThat

Did your camera brake yet??? Every time you pull the trigger, the whole world is shaking???? kkkk check your video

Nate Hansen

Fix your sound and video issues before you go pimping another site.  Damn you MattV!!!

Fire 24

What buffer system and tube are you using?


Totally chews through that armor! Sweet!

Kerr Martin

Nice video! I have a 20 inch barrel and a carbine lower but I replaced my buffer for a H2 buffer because I had problems with last round not locking hope this works!!

Mark Cutler

I am building my first AR15 with 20 inch barrel, do you know if the HOGUE - AR-15 FINGER GROOVER GRIP W/COLLIPSIBLE MIL-SPEC BUTTSTOCK will work fine with the 20 inch barrel


totally agree. never understood why people love 5.56 SBR's. you are really destroying the capabilities of the rifle when you for whatever reason choose a 11.5 inch barrel.


You and Your channel specifically pushed me into building a 20" Ar just because of all your ammo tests showing the superior penetration capabilities.. I love really love the upper and its' a sweet shooter.. its my wifes favorite to shoot out of all my rifles.... Thanks for your time again bro..!!!

Craig Ballurio

Nice rifle


I have had more duds with Federal than any crappy Wolf.


It looks like you were shooting the body side of the armor and bot the strike face. If so I would be interested seeing if the results were the same if shooting the strike side.

UnknownUser 8888

could you PLEASE shoot an xm193 threw this and chronograph it

Chris T

I really like Sanders armory. I took the chance and ordered from them before they had any good reviews on their stuff. I ordered a 1:8 twist bearcrawl fluted barrel in 223 wylde, the gas tube, and the gas block. they had the length of the gas ports wrong in the description and called me after I ordered telling me they swapped the gas tube out for the correct rifle length gas tube. I appreciated that they were on top of the error. I never got the tracking number so when I called a week later the lady said she remembered my order and told me she would email it to me and told me that the package would he at my house the next day. It was. great customer service. the barrel fit and function was perfect and the fluting looks awesome! accuracy is great too. Can't beat their products for the price!

Jaime Pritchett

Can I simply put any upper on any lower, like say if i put that same upper on my daniel defense lower would that be fine or would it interfere with the reliability of the rifle? Im just wondering cause i wanna bump up from a 16 to 20 inch barrel without buying a completely new rifle.


Awesome video. I would have picked up an AR for the reason I am used to the 16" barrel look. It does look a bit off with it longer. Lol. BTW the Sanders Armory is somewhere near me. Not exactly sure where but I could tell by area code. You're right the prices are awesome.


Did you ever shoot any groups with this upper? I looked on the channel and didn't see it but could have overlooked it.

Jaime Pritchett

so what about putting a rifle length upper on a carbine lower? would that still work or would you want the rifle length buffer and spring?


What buffer are you running? Does it run reliably with that rifle legth gas system?

Simon Becker

People are going for short barrels nowadays because the right ammo can push the effective range of even something like a 10.5" out to close to 200 yards (sierra tmk, etc.), and lighter, more compact rifles are awesome in hallways and doorways. I would have to agree, however, that if the variable of body armor is introduced, a 20" is your best bet in the 5.56 platform.


How has that upper held up so far? Was thinking of getting an upper from Sanders myself, originally was going to get a Spikes Tactical, but I've heard a few good things about Sanders.

Jaime Pritchett

Well i ordered the same barrel, im hoping itll last a while, however Ive don some research and it seems ss barrels dont have a very long life span. What do you think about the longevity of this wylde barrel in ss?

BadKarma 714

awsome gun

The Chopping Block

SBR is legit oper8or, son. Besides, I need a short barrel to maneuver around the stacks of Better Homes and Gardens and empty pork rinds bags in my house.


20 inch barrel but none of the 13 spices :'(


I love me some 20" AR.


I can’t find any grendel reviews from sanders though.

jesus lovesme

How far away does it take for the plate to defeat the rounds???

Albert Ortiz

I have to agree with you I like the longer barrels. I have 20” Stainless steak a MK12 18” and a 16” RECCE. The 20” will definitely give you the most velocity.


thank you for doing this review I didn't know about Sanders Armory and their stuff looks really good

American On Strike!!

Left those plates looking like swiss cheese. I use Hometrends Rave Square plates....dishwasher safe.


Great work. I still can't get over my first M16A1.

ThepDen SatThat

Need to put back to RIFLE stock for lower..wARRANTY FIX YOUR PROBLEMS

daniel boyd cooper

didn't know bernie sanders made rifle uppers! just kidding cool rifle.

Pepe Roni

Have you thought about painting your punisher lower? I think it'd look badass. Where'd you get it btw and will it work with any standard 223/556 upper? Thanks bro.

Keith Allen

What buffer, tube, & spring are you using? 20" gas system? HOOAH

Chance Taylor

you can almost use that plate as a cheese grader, nice rifle

Scott Leak

Excellent review. You had a problem, they fixed it!!


It's cool that this setup can go through that armor, but last I checked zombies don't wear armor

Helter Smelter

tight pimp. bus a cap in a zebra wid it

Luis V

do you have any vids of the accuracy on this barrel?

Zachary J

Longer equals more Penetration power

Florida Man

Long barrels rule!
If you're using lame old 5.56
.300 bo (b=best o=option) you done need a long barrel

zane krienitz

Ordered a 20 inch hammer forged barrel now


Great video. Thsnks for taking the ti e to make it. 4 years later how is that upper holding up?

Jimp Gaming Tv

What is the length of your rail

The Daily Shooter

Dude I love how that upper looks. I'm all for the Wylde barrels

Justu Postear

Sadly, this barrel is not excellent. The Wound Channel has updated this review in a reply to CDGBH CDGBH :

"Barrel had very poor accuracy, I swapped it out for a Faxon and it's been great since!"

So, nothing to see here. Move along.


Yes, but what do you think specifically about the sanders barrel? I’m thinking about using one of their 20” HBARs for my 6.5 Grendel build for hunting and a SPR.


I don't kick in doors for a living, and I'm not rolling in a Humvee accros the desert anymore. I like my rifles (both 223 and 308) to have 20 inch barrels.

Gene G

Great video! question so a 16 inch barrel won't go through this plate?


I would have to agree. The FN M-16's were about 2 MOA over the Colt M-4's that were 4 MOA. I still and always will prefer the Kalashnikov though. Try picking up an M92 PAP pistol. For a 10 inch barrel it has as much energy I believe as an M-16

Ted Hodge

I wonder if it was short stroking in part because of the carbine buffer.
I legitimately get excited when I see 20 inch ARs. They actually do weird stuff to me. I really wanted to know if 62gr green tip would run through it in a 20 inch barrel, thanks for answering that for me. I really wanted to know if 62 grain lead FMJ without the penetrator would go through the plate, such as Aguila or Magtech 62 grain FMJ.




Great video! What scope/mount combo are you thinking of using?

google Account

how's the upper holding up???


So in the decision between 18" and 20" would you recommend 20?

Brandon Park

What is the length of that hand guard?

Mathew Bishop

Finally someone that gets it. The 5.56 was meant to go as fast as possible. Semper Fi.