AWS Spets-12 Firearm Tabletop Review

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AWS Spets-12 Firearm Tabletop Review

9 511 views | 11 Oct. 2018
9 511 views | 11 Oct. 2018

A tabletop look at the Spets-12 from Advanced Weapons Systems.


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I'll re-post my comment from August 2 on the saiga-12.com forum.


Quick Range Report:

It ran ok-ish on Wednesday.

It was received dirty from test firing and on gas setting #4

I cleaned, lubed, and did a bit of pre-breakin of running the action by hand.

I was on an indoor range, so I was limited to buckshot or slugs.

About twenty rounds of Seller & Bellot 27 pellets of 4 Buck "1190fps" SB12BSB ran just fine as did a box of five Federal LE12700 1325 Fps 9 Pellets of 00 Buckshot on gas setting #3.

Seller & Bellot 00 Buck 9 Pellets "1200fps" SB12BSJ did not extract/eject on either gas setting #3 or #4. Tried about five rounds before giving up it.

At about 12 yards the Federal was maybe a 3-5" pattern plus a separate hole from the wad, the S&B 4 Buck was about 12-18" pattern.


Привет! Спасибо за интересные обзоры.

Big Al


Top Hat

Russian spy, Just kidding. Keep up the great videos.

Vanilla Gorilla

You can speak russian? Thats freaky cool shit!

J Striker

I found the missing link in the whole Russian Collusion scandal! A YouTuber???...I always guessed the missing link would have been a cook!


more drum info please

Vanilla Gorilla

What about that grip

Stefano Dogg

Is this made in the USA? Americans have no AK voodoo


I want this


Having shot one its a bit a handful, but very fun. Also the hard plastic of the SBA3 is a bit of a pain.

You can't legally modify the brace to make it more comfortable, but there's no law about what you can wear.

I'd suggest getting a wearable recoil pad like the "Caldwell Mag Plus Recoil Shield", like did.

My shoulder was still a bit sore the next day even with the pad.

Bob Wampler

OMG that is sooo cool!


Shewee!!! This one will be a blast to shoot!!! I have zero AKs in my collection. Been looking to pick up an sks too

Shootin' with Uncle Dan

Mucho Espanol


what? you speak Russian? Nice.

Armando Castalan


Scott Rickard

Good review, looks like a great gun. Would like to see one with a milled receiver.

Max Headspace9mm

Exactly how many rounds do you have through this?

Gill Mccuddy

Can i have yours? I cant find one for sale any where

Souljah Kid

Drum mag, how much does it carry and where'd you get it from?


I've been waiting for months some for reviews on this.


Wow that is pretty dang cool! My only experience with a 12ga “firearm” (*not* a shotgun) is with my Mossberg Shockwave, but I can already tell you are gonna have some serious range-gasms with the Spets-12

Andrew Poloni

Me likey!

Vanilla Gorilla

Mds drums work in these well?

special jester

always knew you were a russian hacker.

Rev. Gunn

I realize this has nothing to do with guns but that logo you have is awesome! I have admired it since the first video I watched on your channel. Maybe in one of your videos, it would be nice if you spent a little time talking about it.

Flora Qualls

Nice introduction to a pretty cool firearm. Do you know if the barrel is rifled?

kyle wolfe

I WANT ONE!!!! Is That A 3, or 3.5" chamber? Thanks Graham.

Brett Mccafferty

I have the 3g. Why does it have the charging handle on the drivers side?

whiskey papa

Wow, Daddy like!

Mark Dumas

Nice review comrade.

KC Ghostt

Really wish they had a better company than AWS building these. Wouldn't even risk spending the money and ending up with bad rivets or sloppy work like we've seen quite a bit from AWS. Very terrible customer service stories from lots of people on top of that. I have a 12.5" Saiga 12 SBS that I've been thinking about copying on a Lynx 12 build. Have seen a few reports of broken bolts and such on the Lynx 12's as well, though. I want to love them.

Hamm 603

I see a beast. An ammo eating hand cannon. Lord I got to get one of these to go with my Saiga 12.

Chili Prepper

Hail to The_Rooster


The one time I'm speechless

Shut up and take my money!!!!

Johnny Arson

I bought one at release. Make sure to do some of the easily found upgrades. Particularily the modified safety/fire latch. If you load a drum, it smashed the top round. So you need the bolt held back if you watch to load a drum without a fight. Also there is a magazine channel mod to make reloading easier. As you saw and did, getting the front of the mag to lock in is a pain. There are also some gas tube mods to get more reliability with differing loads. Generally, only heavy loads work for consistent cycling out of the box.


Finally someone has there hands on one! TO THE RANGE DAMN IT!!!