The Painscreek Killings * FULL GAME WALKTHROUGH GAMEPLAY & 2 ENDINGS (Updated)

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The Painscreek Killings * FULL GAME WALKTHROUGH GAMEPLAY & 2 ENDINGS (Updated)

5 211 views | 24 Aug. 2018
5 211 views | 24 Aug. 2018


The Painscreek Killings is a story-rich murder mystery game that quickly evolves from leisurely exploration of an abandoned town into a full-blown crime solving experience. Can you uncover the town's dark secrets and expose the hidden truth to the public?


This game is for anyone who likes to read, loves good stories and enjoy whodunit detective games. The game plays 10 to 20 hours on average, depending on the player's playstyle.


As Janet, a young and upcoming journalist, you have been asked by your editor to investigate the mysterious abandonment of a once lively town. Based on the information released by the media about the deaths of the townspeople, you set foot into the town thinking you would find an interesting story to publish, only to uncover secrets that were meant to stay hidden forever.

The Painscreek Killings borrows mechanics from a walking simulator but goes beyond it by making the players think. It mimics real world investigations with detective-like puzzles that doesn’t hold your hand, allows you to explore wherever your investigation takes, and a captivating story waiting to be discovered. The game encourages you to explore the surroundings carefully, collect clues and hints to help your investigation, and find evidence to expose the truth about the killings. There are no quest markers or hint systems to aid in your journey. You will be forced to think, to connect the dots and to piece things together, making you feel like a real investigator.

Track: Sthlm Sunset by Ehrling


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Турат Нурбеков

Great music


진짜 깔끔하게 영상 잘찍으셨다 ㄷㄷ

Park Min Sung

I don´t like your Gameplay, because you don´t open every drawer.


OMG at `14:07 in the woods, is that a person?

Missy 05

Thank you! I really appreciate the subtitles also. This video deserves more views. I've looked at other videos on this game and there's was over 5 hours long. You were able to get all of the story and the different endings in half that time. Great job!

Dom Torreti

Very nice game but to many DIARYS !!!!!!! Its more a diary reading simulation . It seems the only way to find the clues . And solve what happends really . So its really good this game was finished in a short time . 5 hours would be to long . Because all this Diarys and letters . Seems all in this Village had nothing to do just wrote Diarys the whole day long . But a awesome game and really exciting .

Alejandro Roca Zaldivar

Thank you for this walkthrough without it I wouldn't have been able to finish the game.