McJuggerNuggets and The Lack of Accountability

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McJuggerNuggets and The Lack of Accountability

8 426 views | 23 Oct. 2019
8 426 views | 23 Oct. 2019

On today's video i'm giving my thoughts on McJuggernuggets recent video where he explains that he will be permanently quitting YouTube on January 1st, 2020 to focus on his platform Storyfire, and the lack of accountability that I believe he has when detailing his reasons for quitting. While I am discussing a portion of his 45 minute video I implore you to watch his video for yourself to come to your own conclusion. I don't think there is anything wrong with quitting something to focus on something else but, I just don't buy the entire story.

What is Storyfire? StoryFire is a group storytelling platform. Whose founds are Brian Spitz and Jesse Ridgway.

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How does RMPKenpachi not have 100,000? It may be his gender but he deserves it.

Zachary Zimmerman

I enjoy your point of view. Thank you


Keep grinding big rob

Ajaya Jones

You look like if michael jackson stayed black


Listen it’s 4:43am. I thought this said chicken nuggets and it was highly confusing for a straight minute


I'll be damned if we dont make this nigga the next big thing. SPREAD THE WORD BOUT HIM



Justin Perez

Big Gucci Soldier Devon sayin “No haters. I do upload!” Nah but for real was wondering if you were gonna speak on him. Granted, I quote “daddy chill” all the time but this dude’s content is problematic.

yargaming !

ur a dumbass bro js.

Christopher Tom

Fantastic video, I strongly agree with the message here. Speaking out about this may spark cries of “bootlicker!” but the fact of the matter is, making money from being a content creator is an entrepreneurial endeavor and one of the big rules is to take responsibility for your own success. This means having the guts to honestly look at things you may be doing wrong instead of pointing fingers.


These constant uploads hit differently keep it up big rob


I’m confused. People think YouTube is like a uniform job now with uniform wages? Lol what?


It annoys me that your channel is so small I love your content and I feel as if you deserve to be able to make a stable income off of the videos you make. I can never stay entertained and listen to someone talk about anything but you somehow make it so entertaining to the point where I never want the video to end, this comment is definitely long and very unnecessary but who’s gonna stop me.


What you eating tommorow big rob

Redmist 2004

Storyfire sucks you can’t even post videos you have to get permission from jessie and Brian to post videos


DSP wasn't ready for the DLC

Death Proof

Mcjuggernugget might be a jew. Ya never know.

Three of them Thangs?

Basically this. Those kind of YouTubers that you mentioned are the perfect example of morons who don't put effort into new content, but expect more and more people to watch their old played out shit

King of Dragontown

Another great video, Rob. People do need to take sone more accountability.

Jevaroh Dail

Whoa shout out to Shikascloud

Lil Do Rag

Aye I’m trustin big rob now


its rlly annoying how corporate youtube is now. this should be a platform where creators can get a bag being creative, but instead everything has to be the same homogenized bullshit.


That man is complaining getting $10,000 a month on average. I wanna Shin vs Kira this nigga.


Damn, funny AND Persona music? Boi, where have you been all my youtube-life?


How does this mans not have more views wtff?

Duo Dreamer Vids

Very insightful.


i love how he's complaining about a 10k monthly income

Nathan Petite

I generally havent laughed this hard at a video in long time, subbed


Not gonna lie. Has to be one of my favorite videos you've uploaded. Was funny, entertaining, and I liked the message you included in the end. Amazing content like always dude.

From Space

it's actually kind of funny because friends will tell me it's the team being trash and not to get down on my self when i start saying i'm sucking rn, and i kind of start to agree with them


He literally just posted a video on here 8 hours ago xD

That was fast

Brenden Goodman

I’m a huge mcjuggernuggets fan since the beginning. But I gotta say, he’s wrong about this. It’s not YouTube. His stuff just hasn’t been great since the end of the psycho series. Lots of people want another psycho series. Which could work. These past series aren’t as good. Don’t wanna hate on Jesse though, I do love his channel and videos so much. The psycho series is my favorite thing here on YouTube.

Superior Studios

"I would hate to have to lose my temper"
Top tier call-for-action, Big Rob.

Mr. Dandy

I haven't seen a single negative comment here... hmmm...

J. Useedat

Shout out to you RMP, really thinking about this topic you adapted and stayed evolving regardless of what youtube turns into. From the og stand up vids in the living room to seeing how much you've been developing/adding into your product (details,edits,sketches, clips, music, props,etc)makes the quality that much more potent.

Mumra 2K

4:35 Shika puts his face out on YouTube? Woah, never knew this. Live and learn, eh?

Xavier Edwards

The psycho series ended over 4 years ago and Jesse is STILL living of that past glory!


Big Rob will you ever bring back the ZA WARUDO form


he just didn't know what to do when he got to the end of the table, couldn't hold it down

Jaden Horne

I don't know why the fuck they won't just make it where anyone can upload to Storyfire. I find that really dumb.

Tyler D

BGSR on deck

Joseph Mavero

Don't you think it kinda makes shit less creative if the platform doesn't incentivize creative shit, or original shit? Like do we really want everybody to chase a trend to make a buck? Shit would be boring man


Notifications are actually working for me

The Que

Loving the consistency Rob, keep it up

Jack Poirier

I think the problem for MJN is that his storytelling content heavily relies on the conflict, profanity, etc. this is what he is known for. If he were to change his content to be advertiser friendly his content would get boring and people likely would not watch, since he would be doing content completely different. This is his dilemma, his whole entire genre of content is really viable on YouTube anymore


It legit pisses me off that so many people are sleeping on you Rob, you deserve a much bigger platform. Much love from the UK

Trusted Texan

Kenpachi hitting us with some brand new FIRE content


i looked at you and was surprised with your voice!!! not the vest lol I LOVE IT


Final fantasy?

Neon Gamer

Damn! McJuggerNuggets, now that’s a name I haven’t heard in about 6 years

Heartless Wretch

again, the lack of self-awareness freaks me out. what is even CRAZIER he has friends who figured this shit out right? so why doesn't he just ASK them to give him a hand? SIMPLE-MATH! if that nigga over there is eatin..and thats MY nigga , man just ask him what the fucking magic trick is. like god damn..

JPA 545

lol come on over Storyfire for creators to create "Currently not accepting applications" WTF LMAO.... "Mcjuggernuggets" is no more... he wants his "fans" over there, to which he doesn't realize or cares the fact that he turned his back on this platform and the fans after amassing a fortune here and claims he doesn't make money and hasnt yet somehow he has a house, 100k car and a business building for Storyfire that somehow fell out of the sky I guess.

Indian Tech Support

Great video as always mr Gucci soldier. I’ve been waiting to here your opinion on this dude forever now.

Just a Weirdo


Coldy 222

I'm glad I found this channel


so... Jesse said he was fine with the views, he mainly just wasnt satisfied with the money he was making, Showing that the cpm was much higher on storyfire then youtube. And he was upset about getting demonetized. Suppression and view count was just a side thing

Shadow Dez



McJuggernuggets is a deceitful piece of shit

ren armaniya

Sup man


Jerry Lavigne.... man I remember when him and hotdamnirock was killing shit like 9 years ago.


Holy shit this is quality

Isosori Harrison

I don't know about you, but YouTube doesn't allow creators to publish content that may not be suitable for violent content.

El Muchacho

The fact you need to apply to become a person on Storify is retarded, they're keeping the money to themselves, and not letting other creators flourish on their.

He moans about money and makes a website where he gets all the money from it.

It is the OBama image where he gives the medal to himself rn

Joseph Bergeron

the algorithm gods have spoken


you havea fucking infinity voice

I'm Ben

YouTube going PG that bad why look at Smosh was awesome and badass now it just whatever

Ysf Gondorianer33

Dude im so happy taht your channel got recommended to me I've spend the whole day watching your videos and I pray taht more people will see this magical thing taht you produce

Big Dummy uwu

recently found you and you're funny af

Dan Will

That storyfire shit was kinda wack but he was talking bout making hella bread on it. He no better than the company he was preaching about

Royed King

I stopped hearing about McNuggerNuggets after his series Psycho family ended and I’m wondering what the fuck is going on!! I’m confused about how time goes by fast


Im really happy youve been posting more consistently, Rob! Although, if I could make a very small suggestion, you should add the song titles of the tracks you use in your description. I know this is from FFXV, but maybe someone else wouldn't have known and maybe did wanna know. That's it man, keep up the great work!

KCso Random

100% something of the things he said were reaching

Kimber Michelle

Glad you made this. I'm So over this cry baby mentality!!!

Adan Faria Fernandes

1sec an reference from The Wire. equals instalike

Emelia Hunt

BIG ROB SHILLIN I don't blame you, tear down these detractors they're stealing your future subscribers I mean how dare you turn your back against your brethren! Destroy!- Okay wait a minute.. @ 4:15 Anybody that brings up other people in their videos and start saying "Why are they getting paid more than me" is a bitch lol

The Joy

Consistent rob

SFG Nick.

Big Rob got some heat on his hands


That's all Storyfire is, just all these knuckleheads flocking to it and gathering there because Youtube is fed up with their shit, plain and simple...

charcoal Angel

Watched this and then watched the video that this video was talking about and all I have to say is that it's hypocritical of this guy to want to make an alternative platform to YouTube and not allowing the average joe to upload videos there.

kill. me.

i couldnt watch this omfg


It makes a lot of sense that McJuggernuggets and boogie2988 are good friends

Money Long

10 minute video
Time for those Juicy Mid roll ADs

Seta Gaming

Be a voice actor
That is all


I love all these videos you've been grinding out Rob.


He sounds like a nice, old black grandma and I love it!

Yung Melvin

You can always trust Big Rob.


Your voice pleases me!

Director X

Big rob came with the facts on this one.

Moon Child

Aye Rob. It’s been a minute.

Houston Hotdog

Fake black guy no real black guy talks like that voice so annoying omg


Who is this black guy and why is he getting recommended to me
but he has a gundam so Ima watch him
and because his content ain't that bad