【PC-98】CyberBlock Metal Orange - Opening PC engine Cover【Deflemask】

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【PC-98】CyberBlock Metal Orange - Opening PC engine Cover【Deflemask】

1 751 views | 24 Dec. 2017
1 751 views | 24 Dec. 2017

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This used to be one of my most requested covers, and I wanted to do it, heck I've started making this well over a year ago, I wanted this cover to be done for the release of my very first album (which you can find here: https://michirin9801.bandcamp.com/album/cybertech-custom-covers), where I compiled all of my covers from the games by Cybertech Custom for the PC-98, but alas it wasn't completed then, it just sat around for a whole year on my computer before I got around to finishing it, so it became the feature presentation of my latest album, as you can see on the link on the top of this description...

It's a pretty good song I think! Not the best from the game, but pretty good nonetheless, as you'd expect from Mr. Furukawa!

Do I need to say anything about this game anymore? I think I've already said enough in the descriptions of my previous covers, so well, as usual, I hope you enjoy what you hear ^^




Joshua Worman

love the channel btw.


was tomo's lil portrait in the nude? measurements on a 15 year old girl? <sigh> as much as i love this stuff at times , japanese media sometimes makes me want to take a cold shower :-( would it have killed the creators to make all the characters in their 20's? sorry that i am being so humbug and grinchy kiddo...your cover is awesome sauce as usual and posting on xmas is an awesome treat! happy holidays and new years!

lets just not tell roy moore the disgraced senatorial candidate from alabama about this one ;-)

Saruhan RS

Cool arrange

Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd

I may actually prefer the arrangements you've done from this game over the originals. It's funny how small differences in the tone of the sounds used can change the overall personality of a song so much.


I haven't bought your new album just yet because I'm still trying to figure out a fair price to pay for it, but I do enjoy the quality covers that you do and will be purchasing it soon. I'm already looking forward to your next one, please keep up the great work.


Cyber Block Metal Orange has such a great soundtrack. Love it every time you cover stuff from it.


Yassss, my fave track from one of my very fave OST(so many great tracks on that one)! awesome work

Brandon Network

Excellent song. Merry Christmas.

Joshua Worman

hey i got a question. where is your goto place to find pc 98 games? just all over the place or is there a good source other than mass download repositories?

Tchitchouan Inouane

My favorite music-tuber is back with a new 16bit rendition just perfectly for christmas !