2016 Skyrim Modding Guide Ep.16 - Wearable Lanterns, Quick Light and Claralux

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2016 Skyrim Modding Guide Ep.16 - Wearable Lanterns, Quick Light and Claralux

14 677 views | 3 Mar. 2016
14 677 views | 3 Mar. 2016

In the 2016 Skyrim Modding Guide so far we have created a darker Skyrim world both inside and out. We now will include mods that will help light our way. We'll compare Wearable Lanterns to the newly released Quick Light. Then I'll look at Lanterns of Skyrim and Claralux 2015.

Current Up-to-Date ModWatch: https://modwat.ch/u/DirtyWeasel

Introduction Music: "Tale of the Tongues" by Malukah


Links to mods covered in this video: (Timestamps)

Wearable Lanterns on Nexus:


Quick Light on Nexus:


Lanterns of Skyrim on Nexus:


Claralux 2015 on Nexus:


Claralux 2015 Information Page:


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【デモンズソウル】最強の合体武器「北のレガリア」を知っていますか?【Demon's Souls】
Ricardo Maccotta

""immersiveness" ..... :)=https://www.wordnik.com/words/immersiveness "

Andrew Harvey

When will you be looking at towns textures? Loving the insights mate so glad I subscribed.

Roope K.

Helloo, I actually found your videos by looking up Skyrim-related
content posted in 2016, because I only recently bought the game for the
first time (rather behind the curve I know) and I was wondering if
anyone still plays it (I was feeling rather alone, boo hoo). To my
delight I found this, and will be watching a multitude more of these
videos of yours, and will provide feedback and hope to become a member
of this little Skyrim-"community" (your channel) you have created.

Capt. Roberts

Thank you so much for this series when I started I new nothing more than some NMM stuff. I have followed this from the beginning and I'm almost done with the project. I learned (from GP and Gopher per your referral) MO, TES5Edit, LOOT, and FNIS (no Bash yet) I made some differing choices but thats the AWESOMENESS of mods making OUR OWN worlds. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You clearly put alot of work into making this. Thanks Again!

john gault

Looking forward to Dawn of Series, Noble Skyrim, texture comparison mods. Enjoying and learning alot and waiting patiently for episode 17.


Hey Cal, just wanted to let you know that I started re-modding Skyrim around 3 weeks ago. Since then I've heard your voice more than my wife's...which is scary. Take care man and I too now use wearable lanterns and aMidianborn mods as well. Oh and Claralux too. Take care man can't wait for the next vid.

SpacePunch Gaming

Hey bro, you got a sub. Will you consider checking out Vivid Weathers?

Enrico Motta

I tried the combination. But I still didn't like the new and improved Claralux. As for Lanterns of Skyrim, I ditched that also eventually. Just my personal taste.


So far, excellent. As long as I dont use Any Enb or Any Windowless stuff, game runs perfect 60. Big fan of the lighting you introduced me too, though I did make it one step darker. Thanks!

Edit/Update: Played a few more hours now, it does run a slight bit rough in spots, but more than acceptable, sticking at 60fps 90% of the time. Some rendering issues with distant objects, also depth of field can seem a little lacking on clear days, depending where you're located. But overall, Im super happy!!! Huge upgrade! Thanks! (Im not that best at following instructions, and I caused myself some serious headaches along the way)

Year 1 Thorn

Hey guys I've had an issue with the Wearable Lanters mod since I've been playing skyrim on PC. The issue is, is that everytime i equip a lantern of any kind my players head dissappears... any help would be great.

Jenny Tran

I have a little bit of a problem here and I'm asking for some help. I've been trying uninstall CLARALUX and it seems to be permanently stuck in my game.

I followed the author's uninstallation instructions here http://claralux.skyr...uninstallation/ and even resorted to uninstalling Skyrim, deleting my Skyrim folder and all my saved games. After reinstalling Skyrim I still have lamp posts everywhere, even if I start the game in Steam, I use Mod Organinzer so starting my game in Steam should be vanilla Skyrim.

How is this even possible and where can these files be hiding?

I don't really want to resort to formatting my PC but I'm thinking I may have to do that to get this mod completely off my system.

Does anyone know what's going on here and how to fix it?


What song was that in the beginning?



Rodrigo Canguçu de Almeida

I still have some doubts about claralux , cus the old mod was bad .... but I trust you , I'll try .

I would like to make a request for you. the video on purity and COT would be possible you to say some console code to force the weather? "sw_" or "fw_"?

You want to do some addition in towns and villages on inside inn ?

Mods like ELFX , RS , ELE, Claralux , LoS have many compatibility issues with mods that changes citys or interiors. I love Expended Town and City Mod also love JK´s Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim, but it affects a lot the light mods.

S Vota

Thanks x 16!

Mike B

Great Series!


"The lanterns sometimes won't turn on or off on time" it does make sence , sometimes whoever is responsible for the laterns will forget to turn them off or on , so it can be immersive


The new Claralux is great and pretty much necessary for me now. My nights are fairly dark but with Claralux I can tweak external lights to make the game perfectly playable with all the new added lights. If you aren't squinting to see at night already though, maybe the lights and compatibility with other mods could seem intrusive rather than helpful.


wearable lanterns is more immersive... great video keep up the great work .


This will be late but...what if the lantern doesn't show on your character? It shows it's equipped but it doesn't show on my character. Followers can wear it though.

Matt W

did you merge in the dawn of skyrim patch or is it no longer needed?


I've always like Wearable Lanterns. I don't know why, but it's just a cool idea mod that worked pretty well.


Biggest difference to me for Quicklight vs Wearable Lanterns by chesko is the light on your face. cheskos makes your face realistically covered in shadow. While quicklight makes your face glow like Facelight which is nice if you love looking at yourself like we all do. I wonder how wearable lanterns shadow would work if you used a facelight mod. Gonna try it later

chris walls

Claralux is too white of a light.


I have just seen that a character has this shiny glow with shiny lines any one help plz?

Simon Andersson

i dont know what happend, but i unistalled Skyrim and installed it to another drive, and i got Skse to work and skyui and some other mods but when i start it says a read write error thing and some mods are unactivated in nmm, i havent used loot but i did use wrye bash, dident fix and i cant get it to work, i know how to change read write but i dont know where im supposed to do it and i tried several diffent files, and it pisses me of.

Gary Cico

Cal, I was wondering - I have always used Wearable Lanterns myself, But I like the ideal of the mage [magic] light. Could I use both together and just hotkey them as needed????
It also looks like [ Claralux ] has come along way since earlier version and I guess there is a way to adjust the light to alittle more amber look which would be more inline with fire type lighting.
Really like the tutorial on the lighting. :)


On March 24, 2016 version 4.0.1 was released for Wearable Lanterns.

Kent Frazier

Thanks for doing this series. This is my first time modding. Unfortunately, I can't get Claralux to change the lightposts on roads setting from the default 2. After I change the slider and select "enter" the value doesn't change.

Edit to add: I found a post entry on the Nexus page. It appears to be a known problem on some systems. Using the console, enter the command "set cluxRoads to 0" will remove all lamposts on the roads.


After watching Your video I finally decided to try Claralux. I'am experiencing the same problem and in the same spot as You in the video. Those two vanilla fires won't give any light, as weal as all fires on the way to Whiterun entrance. I've tried resetting lights a few times, waiting a couple of day/night cycles, waiting indoors, but nothing helps. It happens even with vanilla Skyrim (with SKSE and SkyUI) and a clean save. Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

Found this on Nexus forums.
- Certain light sources don't emit light when you use the wait option somewhere in the vicinity. Am I wrong in thinking this just a vanilla lighting bug?
- Some light sources don't have lightBulbs that correspond to them - in part due to SKYRIM's inability to render more than X amount of lights onto some terrain and meshes (for instance, the two brazziers at the entrance to Whiterun only have one lightBulb). If that's the issue you mean, then you are correct in that it is simply "vanilla". CLUX "fixes" some vanilla lighting, but does not generally add lightBulbs to situations like that (where the bug can become more evident).

Hmm, but You got it working. Strange.


This is a good series. I really like how you are not just showing us which mods you are picking for your play-through but also showing alternatives and giving the differences between the choices.


37 minutes dedicated to candles in glass boxes 10/10

Angel Segura

love it going to mod my skyrim you way seems legit also do you plan on doing an overhaul like skyre ?

F̶̕e͘r͏̶n͠a̛nd̡́͘ǫ ͏͝Ho̸̧od̨͠͡

nice video man, always good to have alternatives! personally didint knew about claralux ! or quicklight :) gona check the rest of your series for sure


You've inspired me = ) .. Thanks for being you.

Gintaras Sketerskas

Hi need help with overwrite section, after testing there are simply knock skse files there, and when i try to move it to simply knock mod nothing happens, it remains in the overwrite section, am i doing sumthing wrong?