New model for Rexxar!! | Battle for Azeroth

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New model for Rexxar!! | Battle for Azeroth

17 548 views | 13 Apr. 2018
17 548 views | 13 Apr. 2018

New model for Rexxar!! | Battle for Azeroth

Alpha footage / This is subject to changes


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Clayton Alexander

I am going to be disappointed if all we see from this model is a cameo during the Mag’har scenario.

Vince Narciso

Next is to make Rexxar a lootable boss so we can get that sweet ass cat hoodie

omar sameh

he takes worgen attack animation

Ethan Fogarty

FUCKING HELL YES!!!! I loved rexxar before he always been my fav wow character and now he trumps all


about time damn


Brutal, owesome....DAAAAAAAAAAM



Leonardo Bouza

Confirmed Mok'nathal or Ogres for the horse /Confirmado, Mok'nathal u ogros para la Gorda.

Surprise Mechanics

Wow, this is an awesome orc/ogre model. You can see traits from both races very clearly.

As for the animations, those appear to be completely unique. I doubt Blizzard would make animations and a model rig for just one character, even if it is Rexxar. We may be looking at the the new model animation of an allied race.

Elijah Rastopchin


Skyrim Bear

holy shit thats aewsome


Mok'nathal Next allied race!!!!

Giovanni Urias

Rexxar looks awesome =)


He really look like a Orc-Ogre hybrid now !


Even though I'm Alliance player,
I think Rexar is one of the best characters in the game. Too bad he doesn't show up more often.

Snow Forge-Hammer

Mok'Nathal ftw

Geniuz CZ


Raziel 1010

finally Rexxar have a good model
now give Rokhan unique model


Finally it looks more as if he had a wolf skin in his head rather than that batman looking thing we had. Love the new model.


I want to play as one.... Please let this be a sign, ID give my left nut to have this as my main race....

Diabeetus FatBlackMomma

Wow.. those pecs look delicious


Man the chiropractor in Orgrimmar must be really good,everybody be getting straight backs now.


I like it


Jesus. It's about fucking time blizzard turning their attention to him.


I think rexxar and Saurfang turned me gay. He also looks badass with this model, fucking love it <3

Leonardo Santos

lm BATMAN !!!

Weed Striker

Dude. I was a fan of Rexxar since 2004. He better have some role in here. HE HAS TO KILL SYLVANAS AND BRING BACK HONOR INTO THE HORDE. LOK'TAR OGAR!!

Commando Rick

finnaly jeez

Samuel Phénix

Hope Misha also got an upgrade


FINALLY! Thanks Blizzard!

Colin Brown

Ogres for next race!?


wow is real in game model? As what i remember WOW model doesnt look like this so much detail



Ikit Claw

Rexxar for Warchief

Domikro Videos



Custom animations?


Well looks like Rexxar decided to strap himself to a pole and straighten his back. I liked him more in WC3 and artworks where he was this big, hulking mountain of muscle. Now he just looks like a reskinned upright orc with an attack animation of unarmed worgen.

Cpt Slow

Wheres Misha?

kralj zabac

that's the new Kul Tiran model (modified male pandaren model). And it's soooo gooooooooood...

Victor Chong

Jebus! You can see and feel the half orc and ogre in this model.

Zul Jin

finally Rexxar look like half orc half ogre.

Skoll Shorties

My boy. My beautiful beautiful senpai boy. Looks amazing. Rexxar for Warchief.

Latent Symphony

Now THAT is what I want to see for Rexxar! Great job WoW Dev Team!

Karren Kuddlesberg


Coty Robish

Anyone knows name of the soundtrack?

Harald Bull

Saurfang dies, Sylvanas goes evil, Rexxar becomes Warchief and leads the ogres into the horde.

Tomguls Hlado

oooooooohhhhhh myy gooood


if only he could be the next war-chief ;(


for me he is one of the Huge and big bad Orcs..hes massive and his aura is Strong!


Is the World of Warcraft the largest MMORPG out there playable race wise?


Is it just using upright orcs animation?


As always, the horde is their favorite faction. Jaina mom didn't event got a personnal model.

Михаил Колосов

This music is so sad, it's make me thing Rexxar's gonna die in BfA. And it's gonna be the most badass death/sacrifice ever

Kargath Bladefist (WoD)

He looks like a god....

Nikita Helljudge

Darkwolf from cartoon Fire and Ice 1983