80 Tips To Win Bedwars 4v4 | 4v4v4v4 Bedwars Tips & Tricks (+Strategy)

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80 Tips To Win Bedwars 4v4 | 4v4v4v4 Bedwars Tips & Tricks (+Strategy)

27 696 views | 28 Mar. 2020
27 696 views | 28 Mar. 2020

3v3v3v3 80 Tips To Win Bedwars | 4v4v4v4 Bedwars Tips & Tricks (Minecraft) solo bedwars tips doubles 2v2 how to win more games of bed wars. these tips work for 3v3v3v3 bedwars as well

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NEW TWITTER! - https://twitter.com/splenko

Hypixel Bedwars:

What Is Bed Wars?

Bedwars is a mini game made the Minecraft Server Hypixel oriented around pvp. There are multiple teams in a single game with the main goal being to eliminate all other teams to win. There is a bed for each team and as long as that team has their bed they can respawn, but if their bed is broken, they can't respawn.

The different Bedwars gamemodes are 1v1's, where there is 8 different teams of 1's, 2v2's where there is 8 different teams of 2, 3v3's where there is 4 different teams of 3, 4v4's where there is 4 different teams of 4.


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I agree with number 76

Kaelyn Chen

When you are in bed defense cover with two layers of endstone, one wood, one clay, blast prop glass and then wool. It intimidates teams and gives you a perfect bed defense. If piossible, get obsidian and replace the endstone with it.


Nice Video! Keep up the good work!




Hi Tip 28 isnt working for me

GIRI editX

1:41 Can we talk about that? xD


I am really hqppy (no pun intended) that there are people that understand the great power that Magic Milk has. The most underrated item in ALL of Bed Wars.

Also, nice vid!




another good tip to add:
under any circumstance, DO NOT FLAT BRIDGE.
make sure your bridge is at least 3-5 blocks or higher than the island you are targeting.
This minimizes the chances of another team directly rushing your bed.

So basically, make it hard for your opponents to reach a bridge to your base and make them work to seize any part of your bridge.

Gyanumaya Adhikari

"Dont build walls around ur base" THATS HOW I WON!

jhester aizen

store diamonds in team chest

me: does it

my idiotic team: gets iron forge 2 times and a haste boost

me: leaves the game


I suck at diagonal speed run


Don`t get banned hahaha!


I liked the vid because I wanted to.

Prathap Yapabandara

Pay attention to pvp???

Umar Farooque

splenko - try to learn speed bridge
me - i use scaffhold hacks lol


1:53 "Learn to Speed Bridge"

Also him: 0:23


subscribe lmao

Tanya Manglani

you are indian???

KK 487

this is common sence


Bro, no


Needed this cause the 4v4v4v4 tournament and there's alot of sweats


why is this guy who is bad at the game telling us how to be good at the game?


Nice jobbb... These tips will definitely help players who wanna get better.. Like me lmao

Ari McComsey

"pay attention to stars to see if you should listen to them"
next tip: stars don't mean skill


0:43 you cant do that lol


31. In general that's good and I agree, however there are definitely circumstances where speed+jump is better
38. Your fine crossing bridges if they only have fireballs and not a bow, just rapidly switch between perspectives so you can see when they shoot you, and if you practice it's fairly easy to hit their fireball back.
40. If you have a completely flat bridge, agree. However some players have weird bridges to mid where they bridge horizontally at start then vertically once they get close to mid, and you will go much faster if you have atleast 3 blocks horizontal stretch on your bridge for every 1 block up.
41.Completely agree, it's so underrated and it's agonizing having teammates who always bridge to mid.
51.Another way to get there slightly faster than just holding s is to quickly flip your screen and sprint forward towards the gen. Gives you about a 2 iron headstart compared to just walking backwards.
59.Only applies if your playing with teammates who didn't install minecraft yesterday
76.Finally someone else said it.

Really good quality video, appreciate the time you put into editing! Hit me up if you would want to do a collab with me, think it would be super interesting to play with you :)


Good vid, keep up the good work!

Atif Sultan

Wow I've been gaining quite a pace recently




by the endless tip videos i watched, i got this: have good internet, keyboard, and pc

TheClassic Survillance


i need money to buy pc to play minecraft plz help me

IceMan 4659

5:52 i got false ban :(


wait did you change your name?


It is a nice video, but you overedited it. Try adding only text and remove that zoom in and out, it hurts my eyes


This is bad LMAO

Darío Padilla

3:53 "don't get angry or sweat, just chill and try to enjoy the game
Me who enjoys destroying casuals (without being toxic of course):

I sweat a lot of the bridge, so naturally I'm really good at bridge fights, and people hackusate me a lot :v


Glad you mentioned magic milk. It's criminal how underrated it is.


Some of the thinks I agree on but somethings I’m cringing at
I’m a 290 star (EurekaSkydeck)


Great video! I am proud to be your 200th subscriber! Also btw I am that guy from your Reddit post.

Cocoa Pebbles

you blockhit alot and it gets you killed almost every time. good vid tho


whats the resource pack?

guate fak

This is alright for complete beginners

Pippo 15

The order of the potions are speed jump and then inv


this is the quality of a big youtuber but hen i check the sub count i was surprised. i wish i had that much subs. really good tips and you earnt yourself a new sub!

Dc Chaos

Why aren’t u using 1.7 animations mod?


81: grind by yourself or with a friend to at least 90 stars. you won't catch anyone's attention looking for a party if you dont have enough experience but solo-queuing forces you to rely on yourself and only yourself to make good choices when playing. I would definitely much rather party with a 90/100 star that mains solos than a 150 star who is always getting carried.

82: PLAY THE BRIDGE!!! Playing the bridge is a great way to practice your hotkeying, clutching and general Bedwars PvP because it is the duel type that resembles closest what the average bedwars player will have in their hotbar.

i.e. blocks, gaps, a bow, an iron sword, and a pickaxe.

being able to efficiently move around the map with those items gives you an insane advantage in bedwars.

also i dont care what anyone thinks, FPS helps a lot. you're much more likely to be able to react to a fast paced situation with 60 fps as opposed to 30. the frames you miss can sometimes hold information that if you dont catch that frame, you wont be able to react fast enough to counter it.

Andy Qi

1:41 Thanks for the tutorial man (maybe I should give you a tutorial?) Tip 1: Check your top right corner to see who still HAS a bed


1:11 what was that fight he looked like a noob

Eric Jin

0:47 you should put it in your CRAFTING inventory

Devon LaFleur

He’s right DONT use clay cuz I was a noob and I thought someone was in creative, but he just had a wooden pick

Xotic Iris32

Dude you block hit way to much


this video is so underrated

mukul pandey

I just winned three times because I was skybasing.

A Stick

Nice tips
And no long intro straight to the point

Infinity Flare

U Talk So Much You Deserve A Sub I Subbed U :)

Karch Tieu

Great Underrated Channel


Great video! It felt like a bigger youtuber would make content of this quality. I have a few other tips to add, but im only 61 stars so take these with a grain of salt.
1. Dont bridge to mid unless your bed is already defended.
2. If you think your going to die more 4 or more times, consider using a diamond axe as a weapon. it costs 20 iron and 9 gold, but only costs 6 gold once you respawn
3. When your using invisibility, you leave particles on the ground as you walk. The other teams can see this and guess where you are.
4. If youre holding anything while invisible, other teams can see the item youre holding. Dont hold items while invisible unless youre killing someone on an island or breaking a bed.
5. If you see 4 people join at the same time, theyre probably a party.
6. Dont stand there and swing your sword if another team is rushing you. Actually fight back.

Grow Razor

100=says to owner give me admin ;-;




The best tips thx u so much


Step 1 should be play in a party.Sry for the hate ik ur good but ur not playing in a party

Just Think Once Before Watching

This is just entertaining


Why drink invis first? It lasts the shortest

Thing Of A Thing

Says the guy not speed bridging


Stretched out techno blade face learning the ways of LEGO maestro do get VIEWS


Me: places diamonds in team chests
Teammates: CookieDoughgirl purchased iron forge


1:56 but I don't have friends....
Sadge ;(

Karcsi Páll

Some of them are not useful tho...

Arley 3A

Talking for 7 minutes straight

Luckyfin 2005

Tip for people with many buttoned mouse. Set sprint and crouch to button 4 and 5


Waiting for diamonds

Sasuke Uchiha

5: communicate with teammates, its essential.
me: cries in muted

Reuben ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

It’s ironic how your giving us tips when in the background your dying in lots of 1v1s and attempting to destroy greens already destroyed bed...


"for a guaranteed win focus on bed def"



Helpful video! I want to learn how to speed bridge badly but im lazy so ill just continue to bow spam from base :(


Here's what I have thought. Ladders. Almost every time a equip myself with ladders because the actually seem helpful in bridge pvp or when you create a tall pillar because someone's rushing you from above and with ladders you are able to go up quickly without blocks later.
Also pop up towers. Are great for when rushing for my opinion. The op is that you create a mini fort around you which can protect you from time and even give you the chance to go up quickly when you are at the same level as your enemies.

Rylan Cooney

I’m sorry, but so many of these tips do not apply, and you don’t even follow them in ur b roll gameplay. Once again, sorry

KXI ._.

U skipped 49?

Beedo Alan



Can i offer some corrections to this (I have a decent w/l ratio in 4s + almost g0ld prestige)


“Reassign ur sprint key” me: laughs in using toggle sprint



Senpai Issues

Am I the only one that uses Potion in this order: Speed, Jump, invis then milk.


not trying to be mean but at LEAST 20 of these are false im a very high star and i know most of these are semi or completely true but many aren't even for 4's and 3's

SherrifGamer 1

yo tq so much i feel like i improved


this is pretty helpful!! i cant wait for the day you get youtube rank!!

((oh yeah, im polarinds on a separate account. the one with the weird train pfp. i forgot the name of the train))
((thomas the train!! forgot


You should be good before making a video with tips


Thx for the shout out

Denis Bodjanac

If you said to get more wool than you think you need then why did you say at the 52 iron tip to get 48 wool? :) ty for the tips cuz I really needed some to practice and also get to Lvl 100 since I'm Lvl 67 at the moment and level up about twice a day wich probably won't get me to 100 before the event.

Gucci Toaster :]

100% most underrated youtuber

Holy Bombo

Magic Milk is way too underrated


Amazing video!


thanks dude!