Basketball Wives season 7 episode 14 Review Vh1 Tv Show

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Basketball Wives season 7 episode 14 Review Vh1 Tv Show

8 914 views | 27 Aug. 2018
8 914 views | 27 Aug. 2018

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Kwame makes a grand gesture for OG; the ladies are excited to arrive in Amsterdam,







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So Evelyn can make a racist comment to attack CeCe, but gets angry and cry when her domestic violence and being a ho is mentioned to get back at her? She's such a hypocrite.


Funny how Cece is the only one who can beat all of them up (except Tami and maybe OG)
Cece can box! But she’s being smart preserving her reputation and her business

Ricky Rhodes


Paper Mario

I didn’t think Cece was scared. I think she is mature and won’t let anymore take her out of her element.


It's a shame because when she finally got away from this show and went on Iyanla Fix My Life and then continued into her show on OWN, I actually grew to like her a lot. It was nice to see her taking on life with a more positive approach. I knew returning to this show was only going to ruin her all over again. She's been going on and on about how she's "not the same girl that was in Miami 4 years ago" but she still is that same nasty, mean-spirited, negative and vile person that she's always been. I've figured it out; she's taking all this anger and negative energy that she used to put into jumping across tables and throwing things at people, and turning it into an amplified amount of verbal and emotional abuse. Sad because her go-to plight is how she's been a victim of physical and domestic violence, yet all she does is abuse people with her mouth and the things that she says. One doesn't outweigh the other. Abuse is abuse and until she realizes that, she'll continue to screw up, make these mistakes, lose fans and then have to apologize for making herself look completely foolish. The chick needs help. She also needs to get off of this show if she knew what was good for her. It's bringing out the worst in her!

Anna Lulu

Anyone else catch desperate Kristen fall to the ground laughing when Malaysia said "She's alone on the island with all her lies".

Spicy Hot

Evelyn is so mean..Damn!! I seriously think something is mentally wrong with Evelyn..Evelyn has a case of mental meanness!!

Saucy B

Evelyn is just evil and has nothing but this show until her next ball player comes along and then she will be so holy and innocent and don't want trouble girl bye

Your Mom

Can we agree to sign this petition to show your support of CeCe

Your Friend

What if all these girls are sitting together right now laughing. Saying "We got these viewers fooled!"

Danielle Vann

CiCi just should have walked away and just left . She’s in the medical field so she’s not trying to act in a crazy way . I just don’t like how they be on that band wagon tip . Like leave CiCi alone . I’m actually very surprised at Malaysia not saying anything , not to really defend her , but at least to say that bullying ain’t where it’s at . Kristen is just mad because of the family issues . She looking to blame CiCi but it’s not her fault .

fisheyed fool

Shaunie is not a God. Don't nobody owe her a conversation. CC is grown. Why didn't anyone ask CC how she was feeling?. These bish,s make rules in their heads and expect people to follow them to be in their circle. The show is entertaining, but some of this stuff is not even high school. Its jr high petty. Wow.

to da

Evilyn is the one giving happy endings, Jen wish she could, but her breath is too bad

Lady Nita

Good review

Roslyn Shaw

Shaunie and Evelyn are mean and nasty


Yes, O.G. looked fantastic! Im soo glad O.G. boyfriend stepped up. O.G. brother just passed. O.G. needed that.. Im rooting for Cici.. I gotta see her come up from this! Evelyn attacked her.. And pretended it was for defending Shaunie?!... Shaunie doesnt need a defense.. I really dont like Kristen.. I tried when she went to O.G... But how Kristen is treating Cici.. Not koo.. Cici was only stating how she doesn't come to their jobs and discredit them?! Or call them dumb?.. Kristen twisted the fuc out of what Cici.. Said..

Karen Wright

Kristen's Mother in law is her issue with Cici.. Kristen's loyalty is to her husband's mother & Not Cici the Step Mom. I really like Cici and Just think she is too mature for BBW'S.



Girl you about to earn my subscription, finally a Youtuber you can breaks it downnn.
Evelyn use to be my favorite in the beginning because she knew how to throw shade and had funny clapbacks, but after all of these years of claiming to be mature it is really disgusting to see no improvement. She is a mean girl and trying to secure that bag by any means, quiet as its kept Evelyn is Shaunie's sidekick and GOON to do all her dirty work. We see right thru the BS, SHIT'ONEAL & EVILYN.

Disgusting how the cast does not stick up for each other, but I think that has a lot to do with production and no one wanting to step on the BOSS'S toes. Shaunie either needs to remove her status or leave the show for things to flow naturally.

Yes! We_Buy_Houses1

Kristen is despicable the way she us framing herself as the victim. Its amazing. She told her mother that SHE had to put up with the rumor


I was waiting for this!!! 2:45a.m.

Lita martinez

Evelyn all of a sudden grew balls!.. now that Tammy is not there. We're signing a petition on Twitter to get Evelyn kicked off the show for making racist comment!!! Check it out!!!

About That Life

OG is just not a good fit

to da

It's amazing how Shauni is showing us how much like evilyn she is, and it's all coming out slowly but surely

Lady B

I'm really starting to see Shaunie for the real bitch person that she is. Shaunie bought Evilyn back because she needed someone to be partners with to make successful women feel less than her... Shaunie is a mean girl and she did not need Evelyn to speak up for her to Cee Cee. Yes Cee Cee should have spoken to Shaunie first but Shaunie as a Hostess should have made Cee Cee feel welcome first. That's what a real hostess does. Evelyn showed that she is a real racist by attacking Cee Cee culture. OG should think before she start to live with this man. He should at least put a ring on a finger. She will be doing all the wifey duties without the ring or the paper.

Danielle Vann

Shaunie really disappointed me this season . I’m very disappointed in her .

Val Williams

Evelyn really wanted to pick a fight with CC so she started with why didn't CC say hi to Shaunie #meangirl #justnasty. Tammy should have sent her baby Tammy with CC to help fight those girls.

Trichelle Vargas

CeCe mistake is she thinks they will be mature

A Cal87

People need to realize that as a business woman, Ce-ce did a great job. You don't mess up your business by doing anything that will affect it. I'm sick of hearing about that conversation. Kristen need her butt beat! But as a business woman I respect Ce-ce.

Overcomer I AM

There is petition going around requesting Evilynn off the show.

SexC N.Complete

Tami might get married after the show is all over for her.

Neshia n

All I have to say about Evelyn and Kristen is they are living proof that a hit dog will holler

Charleen Brown

Paper Mario

Didn’t they say at the beginning that Cece has a black belt? I hope Evil-lyn gets to experience it.

Binah Yahsrael

Preach girl!!

Lori Shiner

Evelyn's remark to CeeCee was just as nasty and hurtful as Tammy remark to Evelyn on domestic violence. It's all the same and no one called her out on the shit. Yeah, I hope the truth come out with Evelyn sleeping with Shaq so Shaunie can tear into her ass the same as she treats others.

Gina Jackßon

Evelyn has no class period she wonders why shes never been marraid.Tami kept it real she owned her wrings cause sges a griwn woman. Evelyn and Jen need to be kicked off BBW L.A. sad to see middle aged wimen acting like ghetto 16 yr. Olds. CeeCee isnt part of these racket mess. I hope CeeCee gets off this show , it seems their jealous of CeeCee. Shaunie needs to check her. Prays

Josephine Williams

Shawnie is a 50yr old pathetic hag n Evilyn is a miserable, angry n pathetic 42 yr old witch! Karma waiting..