Je T'aime - Kelly Sweet

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Je T'aime - Kelly Sweet

645 244 views | 25 Mar. 2008
645 244 views | 25 Mar. 2008

A song by Kelly Sweet to go with some video I shot of clouds going across a full moon.


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rose ann deniega

I'm here because of Gazellian Series 2


When (and if, of course) I have a child, I would want to teach them French when they’re 4-5 years old because my heritage has always been really important to me and my ancestors were from France. I would sing this to them at night, letting them know no matter what happens, I will never stop loving them. I’ve never had someone to love as much as this song makes me want to love someone, so this has a very strong emotional connection with me.

Swisha Lumpas

Kallaine from the White Curse |VentreCanard| ILY!!!


I'm here because of Kapitana's story 'The White Curse'.

Cathleia Mhae

Argh, Gazellian series #2 brought me heree

Rosco Rose

In 6+ years, I'm singing this to my future child

C. Katerina

what is "sweet dreams" in French?


Finn and Kalla

Dexenie Atutubo

Here because of ventrecanard story. This song is beautiful to hear

Jennylyn Mercado

gazellian series brought me here

Renée Skaugen

This song is creepily adorable

Frances Keana Guansing

Finn and Kalla brought me here

Ginny S. Matthias

Wait..okay this song is like...perfectly in my range?! That like never happens! Where are other songs like this?!?! I need them!

Rose night

Why do I feel like this could be at the end or the opening for Demon Slayer?

anneg narabla

Eto pala yung palaging kinakanta nu kalla

Serial Sleeper

The voice is so soothing and calming!

marniJ Kzaman

Yea its beautiful, but am i the only person think this song freakin creepy; okay then how about, imagine this song play in your phone in the middle of your sleep at 3 am then it's glitching out to silent and you heard it again but this time it coming outside of your room

niña dimaano

holy shiit, 11 years ago??

Serial Sleeper

The white curse by VentreCanard brought me here!!!

Shade D24

I cant stop singing this song...its so beautiful

lil silver


Kagan Shepherd


Eulla Prinza Bala-oy

Someone who came here because of Kalla? Gazellian Series?

Karlita Morán

Yang Bustrillo

Bakit wala to sa itunesss!

Kyrine Luna

Who's here Because of Finn Gazellian and Kalla?


When I eventually start making animatics someday, I'm totally using this song for something. I might even cover it it's just so beautiful

Sara Lodes

Yuri and Viktor should totally skate together to this song!!!! Anyone feel the same?

The Princess of Death

The melody makes me want to cry.

Cram zcea

came here because of a story from wattpad: The White Curse by Ventrecanard.


to my future children, this song is for ya'll

Kenma's KittyToes

... rip ...

When I was in L.A a couple years ago (I’m 14 now) I sing this as an audition in front of thousands of people and 100 agency agents...as I sung this in the second minute I was singing my Great Grandma passed of cancer and 4th degree lung failure. I loved her so much and she prayed and wished for me to pursue my dream...I only wish she say me now...

Marsha Nur Khadijah 83

My friend made a character inspired by this song, the character name is Jollie.

She started out as an obidient girl, who loves swords, bows, and stuff.
She fell in love with a gentle, sweet, and soft man. Every night, the man sung lullaby to her, that is until the man had cancer. Jollie sung this song a night before the man dies, but the morning after he died. Turns out she can't move on, so after few days, she sing this song and killed herself with a sword the man made.

May Book

In the future, i will sing this song to my kids as a lullaby


someone tell me why is this so underrated


Putting the speed to 0.5 makes it sound like a demon is singing it


Wow, I love this song, amazing!!!!



Kyla Villaban

Gazellian Series #2 brought me here

dita kea


hi kapwa kong angels

Damien Demecillo


Jasmine Time

only me in 2019?

Chatryne Baldevarona

Ill sing this while im dancing to the place where the moon is the only thing I see


Can we talk about how mesmerizing this song is? not about your wattpad stories

Lovely but Strange

For anyone who reads Anne Rice books, can anyone else see Louis singing this to Claudia before she died? Just me.... okay

G6 Canlas Paula Joy D.

The White Curse by Ventrecanard brought me here and now it became my favorite song

Evening Star

100 likes for me to sing this to my boyfriend

Introverted Mexican

I can only imagine a child lost in the street crying out of fear in a alleyway, until the child hears the singing of a mysterious lady trying to comfort the kid with her singing, she comes closer and closer to the kid and hugs him, feeling his cheek and hair, the kid then feeling her warmth and safety he falls asleep while the lady picks him up and takes him to a safer place, she leaves the child by the entrance of a police station so that the police could take care of him and take him to his parents, before she leaves him she feels the kid's cheek one last time giving him a white rose, she then leaves vanishing in to the darkness of the night while finishing her song...

Idk it just came up out of nowhere, but still this song is amazing it really helps me cool myself down and even for making me go to sleep... ❤

Princess Castillo


Nightcore Xao

The Rescuers
Corpse Bride
This song would fit in with these.....

Winddragon Lundholm

I love the simplisity of this video, beautiful fotage of the moon with a beautiful song:)

rogie jimera

Who's here because of Kapitana's story The White Curse?

Shaniah Tamor

The white curse brought me here ❤

Rona Solis

Sugo ako ni kapitana hehe only wattpader knows


There are alternate meanings of this song. You could say, “Oh, well, « je t’aime toujours » means ‘I love you forever.’ ” « Je t’aime toujours » could also mean “I always love you.” The darkest and saddest of all of these meanings are “I still love you,” implying that the person this song is meant for has passed. So, depending on how you look at it, this song could mean I will never stop loving you, or I will still love you, even though you’ve passed. Sweet dreams, meaning goodnight, which is what a lot of people say to dying loved ones. Wrapped up in heaven’s arms, meaning safely secured, up in heaven. It’s actually a really sad song.


Toujours!!! >:(


This song always reminds me of the game Ib ❤❤

Nayelli Evans

Je t'aime, Je t'aime toujour
I am forever yours
Sweet dreams, sweet dreams mon cher
You're always in my prayer
Softly, sweetly
Wrapped up in heavens arms
Sailing, soaring
Over the moon, gathering star dust
Be still, be safe, be sure
Je t'aime Je t'aime toujour
Wishing, praying
All of your dreams come true
Please remember
Where'er you are
My heart is with you
Sweet dreams, sweet dreams, mon cher
Always in my prayer
I am forever yours
Je t'aime
Je t'aime

Nothingness Nihility

This message is for my girlfriend Namira whom I've just hurt recently.

I'm sorry Namira. I really didn't mean it. I'm so lucky to have you.
Je T'aime Toujour. :(

Czyrille Boii

I would sing this to the characters in hetalia

Valissa Marywheather

Do you know how long I looked to find the original of this song!!! And I finally found it.....by accident!

learning french alongside me, un élève

Au revoir, mon amour.

Angel Skinner


Rin Playz

2020 gang?

Maker Taker

your shooting is so good, made the whole song on other level

Camelle Asumbra

Kalla and Fin brought me here✨


the white curse, by ventre canard. wattpadian?

GO5 Cabingan, Kcirlyn Reyn J.

Am i the only one who just got here because of Wattpad? Gazellian Series? HAHAHAHA

Joja Mateo

The White Curse by VentreCanard brought me here. MUST READ IT. (Wattpad)


Who else is listening in 2019?
I'm lonely...

White Curse

I'm here because of the 'White Curse'.


So for those who wonder...
"Je t'aime" means "I love you"
"Toujours" means "always", "forever" or "still" depending on the context. Here, it means "I still love you."
"Toujours" ALWAYS takes an "s".
"mon cher" means "my dear" if you're talking to a person identifying himself as a man. (otherwise, it would be "ma chère").
Thank you for being interested in the French language (I'm from France) ♥️

And thank you for making this video I love this song so much ❤️ ❤️


2019 anybody?


My soon to be favorite lullaby


Gazellian series HAHAHHAHA

Soleil Riego

Napasearch ako dahil sa The White Curse ni Ventrecanard. Malapit ko na matapos


This song calms me so much the words are so comforting and when I listen to this it reminds me so much about my one and only best friend she was like a sister but was bullied and passed her self so this makes me sad but happy when hearing

Jessica Yu

who is still here lol?


I learned it to sinfg to my partner to sleep

Chatryne Baldevarona

I'm gonna sing this to my vampire husband

Mia Tingz

I listened to this song in 7th grade, 2 years later i still listen to it and its calming☺️❤️✨


I sang this song to a dear friend of mine, she had cancer, I sang this song because she could never sing it because she was very weak.
So I sang it to her,
But I did not know the next day it would be her last.
I miss her dearly, I sing this song on her birthdays or what were her birthdays until cancer took her away.
Next time I sing this for her birthday, I'll do it for her little brother birthday....
Both are gone....

Jermaine Malit

Here because of The White Curse - Ventrecanard

Uwuuu i miss finn and kalla

Dream Smp group

Hmm I’m the only 2020

Emmanuel Martirez

What a romantic that song i hope i sing my future wife

Buns Glazing

i love this but honestly i cant sing for sheit

Kazoo Kid

Reminds me of my cat that got taken away from me

That day broke me

child of god


Queeni Letizia

the intro sounds scary

Jessie Mae Sanchez

A famous wattpad author : VentreCanard brought me here.❣️

Damien Demecillo


vernadeth estrada

Kalla brought me here

Alyyy A

Such a beautiful song! I've been looking for this for a while, hard to believe it was uploaded 11 years ago!

Llama Fish

This is hauntingly beautiful

Octavia Johnson

For some reason this song always makes me cry, even when thr first time I heard it, I cried. Maybe in my past life someone sang this to me, who knows?

Allyson Nunez


Ophelia Dawson

I first heard this song nightcore recently and I had to hear the original and it's as beautiful as I thought it would be . I am singing this song for my music GCSE this next year and I sing this song to my brother every night as he falls to sleep.

Daniela Paculan

credits to the author of The White Curse (The Gazillian Series #2) im curious to the song lol

Violet Velasquez

Came here for "The White Curse", but stayed because it's an amazing song

Lady Trisha Ureta