Easy Steam With a Chlorine Space Heater! Oxygen Not Included

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Easy Steam With a Chlorine Space Heater! Oxygen Not Included

87 397 views | 24 Jun. 2017
87 397 views | 24 Jun. 2017

Water purifying through steam purification has always been tricky in oxygen not included. However one easy way to generate steam is by combining Chlorine Gas and Space Heater to create a small stable steam room.

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Ben Wilson

Flash steaming in a chlorinated atmosphere, probably could simplify with single contaminated reservoir with multiple steaming chambers around a central cooling and collection point.


Hm that part with the mesh where you try to let the Gas pass through but collect the water, maybe try some different Material? You probably need something that cools the steam down if able

Tuomas Lähteenmäki

It is not easy if you don't use sandbox.

Mikey Silverio

Can you show me what to do with all this massive amounts of polluted 02?


3:30 The sound of "Eureka!"




Hey brothgar, it would probably take a while but could your next challenge be to pressurise a duplicant preservation chamber with 1000Kg of oxygen so that he can safely be stored for hundreds of cycles? You can do this with wheezworts as they slowly absorb gas and put it into an inventory, then uproot them to get a bottle of gas, that gas then acts like a building and can be emptied, releasing the gas. This can be used to pressurise tiles above 2000 g or make a vacuum chamber.

Pallington the Shrike

Chlorine is the gas form of abyssalite Kappa
But seriously is that why they spawn together a lot?


what is the thing that dropped out of the gas next to your space heater?

LTL King

You don't need to heat it up as much as you think.
Going from the last video.

I was sitting here wondering why there is no power.
As you can see here, I have power

However it shows that it is powered off for lack of power but is still running off and on.
When I turn the temp gauge to max temp and below it still does the same thing.
I saw dirt form. Curious.
Then I saw fresh water forming in the pool.
The more I sat there watching it.
The more fresh water I saw.
Could it be the sandstone blocks.
The polluted o2.

I'm not sure but there is fresh water and as you see from the temps around. Very little effort.
Maybe it's the electric wire in the back that's doing the job.
It is getting up to 218 degrees.

More water forming http://prntscr.com/foszmu

Could be the lack of water dripping.


yes this is fantastic please do more of this! its always extremely hard to setup steam processing late game, maybe do something with a lava based steam system? I feel like that is more obtainable, or mix chlorine and lava system

John Church

Why not cool the granite roof over where you want the water condensate into.

Snazzy_Pig 55

Would you recommend this game to me? Would it get old eventually? Please tell me your opinion!


Necrothread: I tried to understand your design and copied it. however, I left out the tepidizer and it produces 3.2-3.3 kg of water per cycle. My question would be, how to build it ingame. I have almost 2.5 kg chlorine in the small room but you need to get in there somehow with regular game mechanics.

Mr Ricky Sanchez

Please do a airlock vid

Martin Henze

Never been so early! Yes, go Brothgar!!!


How do you come up with all these experiments? I'm guessing you know your physics and you just try things that should work in the real world? Which makes me realize that I should look into physics again, at least with regards to temperatures and transfer of energy. If you have any tips when it comes to experimentation, I'd appreciate it.


Unlinked pipes to transfer the heat is a wonderful idea, that might solved my previous base from it's pretty ruined temp situation lol


Of all the ways I have seen to purify water by steaming it, and I dont do the math but, None of these massive contraptions look like they are using less power then a single water purifier unit. The game gives you a device to clean the water why are you all trying to do things that look like they use 10 times the power of the purifier unit?? Seriously!?

John Chapel

"Hey guys, heres a video based on a comment about someone else commenting about a different comment about a comment."


That face of yours. XD

Sonny Parker

Does it still work.

Hunter Girgus

But Brothgar I like it when you do really big and complicated things that require excel spreadsheets and large numbers and many consecutive minutes of you explaining "So if we put X amount of this here and then run that through here we should get about Y amount Z output".

Eric Côté

wow, nice

The Tired Tanuki

How about a setup that cools water and works on the long run.
Running pipes from a Geyser to a Cold-Biome works, but after some time (or digging up wheezeworts for example) even the cold biome might get hot. So how about cooling down large bodies of water for use in Bristle or Sleet Wheat Farms? I might think of Wheezeworts, inside a cage of Gas Permeables or something along the lines.


I don't understand the point of these.

Adam Garcia

Haven't really tried it myself but does expanding pressure of certain gasses really cool them down in game?


At point 8:07, do you really need the mesh tiles? Since once steam passes up the gas perm tile it wouldn't really go back down anymore? What if you increase the height of the condensation area with the same build at point 8:07?

Also, why not make your starting water to 200 grams, the built up condensed steam will eventually flow to your tank..

Ryan Durbin

another epic video... jesus this is genius


I would like to tell you a few things you may find useful in the future.

1/ all buildings that generate heat do so in two forms - "normal operation" and "exhaust". If you click on the building and point the mouse on the Heat generated item, you get a breakdown in mouse tooltip. "normal operation" is how much the building heats itself. Exhaust is how much energy is sent directly to the environment. That energy is spread evenly over all tiles covered by the building but when there's less than 1.5 kg of matter over that tile, the actually deployed energy is reduced proportionally for that tile.

2/ all building heat production needs to be multiplied by a factor of 200 to get accurate figures. Space Heater generates 18 kW of heat. Tepidizer generates 4 MW. Also all buildings (but not tiles) have mass reduced by factor of 5 for thermodynamic purposes. These both however only become important when you start making detailed heat balance/transfer calculations.

3/ There's no heat conductivity along wires or pipes. Put some in vacuum and heat up some spots by the painter, you'll see the temperature doesn't propagate

Heruhcane Dean

It's 96F outside and I'm a blacksmith, if you need steam just pour some water on me.

Nezih Levent

This is just too much mathematics for a simple game?


Chlorine is the abyssallite of gases

Ryan R

how to do it: take your original setup, and replace the floor with gas permeable tiles, then the steam goes down and there it can be condensed into water. the condensing room is also full of chlorine, but it only needs to be the size of a liquid pump which is what will draw the water out. also add a space ABOVE the heater with a liquid vent for polluted water to be added in, restricted by a.... whatever the pressure regulator thing is called. the incoming (preferably room temp.) water cools off the chlorine (maybe) and then proceeds to become steam

Zach Lakin

Couldnt you do what you did the first time but make it diagonal. The water needs to move after it condenses. Have it cascade to the side so it cant just puddle up.

Kisstune Inferno

When is the next SUPAH DUPAH Duplicant episode? And also, very interesting system!

unlikely prophet

Training your brain to abide by their 3 dimensional limiting laws intelligence is rarely found in allowed education

AJ Rushman

Wouldn't this technically be a chlorine steam water bubbler?


I'm convinced this will work if we experiment with mesh-floors below the space-heaters. I think it's producing a low amount of steam because there just isn't enough liquid water to turn into gas when it gets hot enough.

Pre-heat the polluted water reservoir with a tepedizer then pump it into some heat-conductive mesh tiles so the space-heaters output clings to that. Possibly even mix in some of those pipes mentioned - so as much heat as possible holds onto the 'bottom' layer of water so larger chunks it turns to steam.

Either way great find! Looks like you and the rest of us mad scientists have some experimenting to do now we know chlorine is the key.


Your hard work is pretty amazing :) Eventually, if they were to introduce chemical interactions, steam + H + Cl = hydrochloric acid!! I sure wouldn't think that was beyond what they're planning for this game! :)


This might be do to a patch (didn't see anything in the patch notes), how do you manage to have your space heaters operate without them gaining the Building Flooded status?


this game has found me at a perfect time... it consumes me enough to scratch my gamers itch and frustrates the hell out of me enough that I quit and go get my project ideas done in the real world. Way more easily ;) - then I get itchy again and come back in and try another way to stack up my house of cards. Your reviews give me great ideas, problem is getting my dupes to do it but 1st I have to do this that and the other thin(ohhh dam it I needed to do that 1st) - THANKS for videos!


measure dirt produced

Trischa S.

i believe one could stagger the heater elements above each other and have just a single pump service several ones. My suggestion for a 4-heater setup:


Can somebody link me to instructions how to enable and use debug mode Brothgar uses in those videos? I'd love to experiment myself a little without duplicants :D


Nice Video! Also nice reaction of you.

Тимофей Верхососов

I think i figured out an exploit with liquid tepidizers. The trick is to have to tepidizers next to each other (<1 tile away). Then they will see each other as part of one structure.Stack two tepidizers one on top of one another.Have the bottom one submerged in water. Give power only to the tepidizer on top.I had problems with overheating but i'm sure that can be fixed with thermal switches.Love your videos man.Hope I didn't misspell anything))

be go

My base is heating up, what is the best way to cool it down all of my six oxygen pipes. I was going to pipe it through Weezwert full room with a vaccine around it, to keep room cold. Is that that the best solution?



I remember making liquid chlorine before, did they recently change it's thermal conductivity?

Hubix TV

water siever 3>

unlikely prophet

Whole system should be immersed in water this will also add internal pressure to your system if you compress chlorine gas temp should drop this should effect bouyancy of system when it rises internal pressure will drop and and system will regulate itself by the depth it sets in water


Very interesting stuff buddy, and a great vid - nice to see you're branching out from sodding NGG's :D A*


How do you power the machines with 0 dupes? Is there a debug keyboard shortcut that enables infinite power?


Help, how do u teleport items :/ (after debug mode enabled) Alt + 0? then wut


I have noticed two videos where super heated gases precipitate solids.

I wonder if there is a way to create the soap stone by heating chlorine+ steam or chlorine + hyrdogen


Klei is actually under Cicada 3301 looking for new applicants

Jack Bush

no Ladders Challenge please


I want to know WHY Random Contaminated Water Appears in Areas where there is No Water Source Anywhere Close By? I Actually Watched as Contaminated Water Magically Appeared. I Had my Dupes do a Priority 9 Mop and with in 30 Seconds, Contaminated Water started to Reappear. The Base was a Nice 75-80F, No Cold Bi-om Near for Condensation, No Steam Vents found yet, No Dupes Making a Mess or Vomiting, No Contaminated O2.

Sydt Tepes

What program he is using in this VDO?


so... how u gonna make the dupe to collect all the dirts?

Johan Potgieter

Thanks for the vid

Roo Jackaroo

Isn't it possible to run these over magma with thermally reactive pipes?Using those heat spread tiles and then just dumping it outside,shouldn't that work?


Does this still work ?

Notorious Shizzane

I know this is an old video so you probably won't see it. But have you tried heating water in a series of pipes? I saw the radiant pipe and was thinking you transfer it through a series of loop like a radiator and heat it to boiling to kill the germs. So you would have to filter it before or after and also do some form of cooling as well. I even thought about trying to use the radiant pipes in a way like geothermal so you wouldn't have to use any energy to heat the liquid. But, maybe the boiling point damages the pipes when it turn to steam or something.. You'd know better than I. I really dig your stuff man, don't let anyone tell you change your style I enjoying watching you trouble shoot and come up with ideas and the math involved. This is game is truly wild, like a science experiment. Also you earned a sub from this guy :D

unlikely prophet

We live in enclosed system covered by dome over flat earth noble gases up high god solved all this 6000 years ago

Никита Гребнев

When you mix hydrogen and chlorine it stinks like farts. Science.


Brothgar excited is the funniest thing I've seen today. Keep being awesome!

Elijah stone

do you think that Klei ever intended for this type of thing to happen, all this science and experimentation?


Actually now that you started to add gaspumps it realy went up in energy consumption right? Wouldn't it be better to find a way to make sand? and use this for basic filtration?


Getting close. Seems like a big problem for consistency is the temperature of the new polluted water going into the system. Adding cool water to already heated water slows the system down and creates those bursts of clean water. Heating up small pools of polluted water converts it to steam faster, but doesn't seem like a fast or consistent way to produce clean water.
Also, if you want to eventually get this working with a Natural Gas Generator then maybe work with the rate of polluted water it discharges.