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99 099 views | 26 Jun. 2019
99 099 views | 26 Jun. 2019

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Grow Castle - It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack.

If growth can be placed in the castle tower and the hero on each floor.

Archer of the town is becoming a lot more more powerful the more upgrades.

More than 120 heroes can use their own skills.

Some heroes are made to give a strong archers of the town, another hero is cursed enemy.

This strategy is important because only a hero can be mounted up to nine.

When you build colonies and hire workers, you can earn more gold.

Clear up to a higher level, wave and check out your rankings.

Create or join a online guild. You can communicate and play with people around the world.

※ Features

Online guild system

Real-time rankings

Hero promotion system

Addictive without reason

Build your own castle


Riverdale "Wicked Little Town" Reprise Lyrics ( Lili Reinhart y Kj Apa)
OTO Lion

i can beat sin easily now

Илья Коломенский

На изи взял СИНА, даже не имея таких статов и уровней у персов.

Al Espina

can you tell me what is the name of the music?
rly good music

Bla Bleu

Use the black pearl(treasure).If you have it ,you can play with two leaders.

ZACKRTX cyberplayz

I killed the legendary dragon It was hard but still awsome

lighter_blaze 021

I just killed bone dragon 1 times its very hard!!

alex nenita

mmy leader is din

denilson is secretly gay


Isak GT

Hi tzr i new sub nice vidio

Stacked Cardboard

I have goblin it’s lvl 66 and it does 36% of damage


I know im late but can you tell me all of your builds?

ezekiel sarmiento

and i beat the legendary dragon



Strange Videos



Stai Thiện

i think din is a good leader.
its strong

Saafir Hasan

Usually use all the mages and the 2 golem makers,2 whitchs,angel,and all the golems.my hero's are a little bit weak but a lot stronger to beat the green,black,red,and sin and I'm a pro,in the 8th castle!

Ato Noya

Me can only fight the green dragon ._.

Elise Samson

I'm only at wave 156 level 43 1000,000 Coins and 60 crystals


How do i up my mana?

anthony davis

Your the best

Cloudy Tears

Whats the songw

mary shrufffle

I like your treasure setup

Arjun Cuanan

I also have the 3 archers and 3 auto summon witches beacuse they're passive are so good

Clee Clee

With youre level you can beat that dragon!!!!!!!!!

Maria Camille Cala

Din is not good

Ramzil Solvera

Don't use witches in fighting dragons they're useless one jump of a dragon or fire breathing they're auto dead

Nicole Alcee

Im tring to bit it i have the hack mod hahajahahahahahah

Gia Huy To

I prefer a summoner set up


I've been playing for almost a week and my castle is lvl 50 is this good so far?



zero hyper POWER

Dude the first time i see this HOW MUCH DAMAGE DID ALL THAT 3 DRAGON

Pan Misio

Din is not that good. Better option is Zero, Solar or..... Zeus? I dont remember his name. Why? Because:
-with ZERO u deal more damage to frozen monsters, and he makes enemie slower.
-with SOLAR your fire heroes/towers deal more damage.
-ZEUS has powerful attack, and gives everything with chain attack (2 chain, 3 chain, 4 chain) +2 chain
(4 chain, 5 chain, 6 chain).
You can also use the first leader (I don't remember his name) cuz he makes your summoned unites stronger + summons millitaria.
Personally I think Zero is the best, but that's your choice. Good look!

Thor Hibus


Hồng Thúy

like your music


Your playing wrong with those witch's for Dorothy use ice promo. Lisa poison and the Archer one for fire


I copied your builds and the result.................. i finally killed the SIN dragon thanks TRZ

lighter_blaze 021

Game:it seems impossible to kill dragons.

TRZ:*kills sin* this is too easy man


Spaceballz JOIN THE GUILD!

Vlatko Trajkovski

How do you get the items you can equip on your heros?

Никита Исаеа

Bad musik

electro Gaming


How to figth a drahon


You should make another setup which you use for farming gold and exp so you can use something else instead of gold bar

Naše videa CZ Pro vás

What Is max level ??

NOOB Playz

Best grow castle player?

Dustin Rieck

Yes din is a good leader because he do a lot of damage

trey brown

Facing sin that was close

Mary Sevilla

Mine is cheat so I can beat legendary dragon

Sihc Gaming

you got my like because you spend all your time from your life just to be a powerful player on GrowCastle

matt Curry Abayon

Solar' sara and din is strong

ezekiel sarmiento

i alredy beat the sin

Jim Ragos

Can someone tell me that I can replace Ruby for the bottomless red potion? I do not have a choice

Cloudy Tears

Whats the song

Sans The Skeleton

Man you might just beat me i didnt even know you also use cursed kinfe like me ;-;

Liên Phạm Thị

I can beat legendary and bone dragon because I'm hacker

Saafir Hasan

I believe in you dude!
And thank for the cool video and keep makeing them!

Parker Johan

My best score is 33, but Bad ice cream 3 game hudgames is so hard

Khaleed latest!!!

Don't use summoned units when battling legendary dragon

Craig Smith

Not even half my castle people are level 2 with this setup yet it brought the black dragon to 275K hp
In comparison, my other brute force deck with all but din having 20+ levels brought him to 199K

Ragnarox Blob

Buy second leader slot that would help alot


how did you find the two golem gems

Angel Yew

Use Edward instead of Din

Zonevex 999

Yeah don't need hardwork I'm just a simple hacker

ram ramramplayz

love the song thx bro

El Persona

I use din =]


Zero, Solar, and Thor are the best leader. I also recommend Edward but if your setup are most summoners

Nicole Alcee


Tachanka Gods

I use lightning stuff

Stacked Cardboard

Imagine the skeletons are humans and u get the bar
My eyes

Poonam Verma

I have beaten the legendary dragon very easily