10 Iconic DSBM Bands

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10 Iconic DSBM Bands

44 461 views | 19 Jan. 2018
44 461 views | 19 Jan. 2018

I picked the bands people mention the most and put few of my favs aswell. Great bands overall even tho some people might say that some of these bands are not DSBM. That's why we created some dissimilarity at riff choice. I think everyone can find their style in this video. Enjoy...

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Ivan Kuznetsov

As much as I despise vocals in DSBM, the music is A W E S O M E

czar_prysł panie_wokulski

What is it?? black metal?? I m not into this categories could u help me and teach smt xd?v


If you ever make another list of DSBM bands, I would love to see Sadness, Totalselfhatred, and Worthless Life.

SoulDevourer MetalGoddess

Nocturnal Depression & Shining


Excelente video, saludos de México

Jack Daniel's

DSBM, the horrible beauty, in my opinion the best subgenre of black metal

Insidious One

I have always thought that Silencer is a parody band, it sounds like one and it's pretty hilarious

Gogod Prakoso

Looking for a song like morgondagen

Julian Gonzalez

forgotten tomb

Jack Daniel's

how do you get the effect for "In My Last Mourning" ? sounds epic

Phèdre Ergastule

1:27 One of my favorite songs !

Titustheboxer 23

Dodsferd that’s all I’ll say

Jool Jool

Nocturnal Dropression best ever.


Greetings From Georgia.
There is another DSBM band from my country called 'Tianet'.I think it is really good for chilly nights we love.btw i am your 2 years old follower ;d.Really great stuff.Keep it Up.

Kamyar Dolatabadi



I think you missed the most iconic riffs like
Coldworld - Tortured by Solitude
Lifelover - Ms Salmonella
Shining - Svart Industriell Olycka
Forgotten tomb - Disheartenment

Lord Seth

Thy Light fuck yeah


wait, the drumbeat from Androider is so soft

alexander lichtenberg

dude! you should check out lebensucht they are pretty good.

soul nervxus

Dsbm : sadness & soulless

Alex Collins

Dsbm has some of the best guitar solos ever!!!! You can really hear the beauty and pain in the chords being strummed

SleeplessKnights 1

I was thinking I wouldn't know that many but ended up knowing pretty much all of them, maybe I listen to this genre a bit too much now in days.

Wanderer Of Solitude

Thy Light!...

Gilles De Rais

I hoped I'm in a coffin wold be here probably the best dsbm band that used to be out there

Lake ov Madness

>that feeling when you watch a video about most iconic DSBM representants and bands from Your personal top ten are 40% of the video (ColdWorld, Silencer, Psychonauts 4, Xasthur)
>when someone says using greentext everywhere isn't kvlt
>fvck yov


I recommend you Intig, dsbm band by team Psykskallar (CoF makers)


Svaka cast komsija,dobro si uradio

Alireza Sharifi

these are my daily playlist...strange.good job thanks

Krishna Baral

Where is woods of desolation? Dude

Jesus Jimenez

Awesome work mate! Got any tabs?

Nyarlathotep13 Nyarlathotep13

Awesome video! Great directions for me to look into, and bonus awesome points for actually playing the riffs, way cooler than the other clip videos that come up when searching for a genre!

Vince Reyes

Make a video of 10 iconic Post-Black Metal/Blackgaze bands!!!

Forest Of Sorrow

Deadlife + and Norskian Anathium

Felagi Band

Amazing as always
So inspired everytime you upload

caleb oliver

Bleak Necrotic Paleness always gets me in my feels tbh, makes me feel alone and sad and cold. Tbh it's actually crazy how that song makes me feel, the only other song that has gotten close to that feeling is The Idiot Sun by Leviathan. This is why I love black metal and DSBM, it's a very real genre


Well done sir

Ivan Kuznetsov

DSBM band called Lifelover lmao

Diego ticconi

How do you study the trist or other underground dsbm band's songs?


Strange, but "Heat helps these flowers grow" from APL album "Before I came" cut my soul on many small pieces more than good dsbm

vampire rock

Where is this dreadful emptiness by the band austere

Hipster Black Metal

who the fuck even considers Drowning the Light a DSBM band?


Forgotten Tombs ... oh, these strangers!

Евгений Блэк

Ненавижу жить!

Tornike Jandieri


Siegfried Kiesele

Why is there no Strid?


Shining Isn't DSBM anymore especially that song Vilja And Dröm, the only albums that really resemble that are Submit to self destruction EP. Other than that great job

Noah Brewer



Emo shit doesn't belong in black metal - "change my mind".

Some bands with these lyrical themes still produce good music, but black metal shouldn't have anything to do with feeling sorry for yourself.

Jon Sage

I loved this video, from the fact that you included Thy Light and Trist. But I am very sad that you missed Woods of Desolation or Austere.

amazing video though

Sabbir Ahmed Joy



Thy Light is amazing


Aww no Leviathan? :(

Forest Of Sorrow

Shining - Ossadogva +

Sina Sharafi

Shining is dsbm and drake is rap


Greetings sablast! If you are still on the lookout for more depressive stuff to chill to, I suggest you look into; Pure, Whemut, Svart, Helvetespine, Tardigrada and Blutklinge. These bands may not be strictly dsbm, but I personally feel they carry themselves on a very similar vein. :b


Man coldworld Is the most amazing dsbm band ever ♥️

Mr. T

You need to listen to Ellende, they make beautiful DSBM


Thy Light, black metal from my country, pretty cool of you to include them >:3

Jason Volkanov

More Shining plz :D


Todeskult - Foreboding Suicide
Windir - Soknadarl
Blutklinge - Call of Blackened Woods
And lastly..
Listen to this.


Shining one of my fave bands , like ever ..

Olán -Alpenvogel

Forgotten tomb?

Chanda Gurung

Hail nocturnal depression


kill me kill me kill me - Nattramn

Yiyo Birra

Do you like Crust Punk? You must do a video of this genre

GLB from [JustGian]


Человек Простой

отличное видео+


How could you forget to put Forgotten Tomb? Still great job


Shining Rules \M/

Per Yngve Ohlin

Silencer The Slow Kill In The Cold, great music, but Death Pierce Me should be played by you

Dyster Sjel

Natty Natty Nattramn??His riffs were fucking gold

i feel like crying every time i listen to their songs...World and life seem so worthless

His vocals are pure fucking gold!!!!!!!like impossible to make....
screeching and squealing like a hamster in agony and adding the rasp at the same time

Great Band

Drop Shot

Lifelover has a special DSBM style, it's like DSBM but for -10 kids. Feels like that. Great band though. Surprised Sterbend is not there.

Yusuf Toksun

Dsbm= lichtblick

Victor Barrios

Someone bring me a noose

Kris Kstaann

† Oliver †

DSBM is my fav music genre! Psychonaut 4 is my fav band! Xasthur is my second fav band! Love you made this video!

Schizophrenia Brown


Abyss Band

Fuck yeah. Shining.

Greg Payne

Drowning the Light

MS-06SHAKU Zaku II 21 Courier Custom B

damn, this reverb in my last mourning added a much sadder aura to the song


damn you butchered most of the songs


Try to listen to this one, too:
The NO - The Gates Are Getting Closed Forever

Necro Amaterasu

Iconic P4!

Milton Mtnz

Vilja & dröm no es dsbm

Евгений Блэк



Were was Betlehem?

Shadad Al Shad

Isn’t nargaroth supposed to be dsbm?

Floor Smolders



DSBM is also refered as atmospheric black metal or vice versa. Ofcourse, it differs alot from band to band. Many atmospheric bm bands has a more depressive/melancholic, darker and colder sound.


Holy shit! I’m surprised trist appeared on here. Such an amazing artist but so underrated.

Sonagli Blues

Best sound old School DBM, and Beautiful Guitar, perfect for play Black Metal

Maximus Ragnar

Great list

Biitin tekijä

I love coldworld

Fireseeker A47

I'm sad Sadness isn't there. They were the band that got me into the genre

Haunter of the Dark

No Krohm?


Dreariness is the best

Эрик Фролов

Where is Nyktalgia?

MpeiX Sac


Mikro Kladi

oreos dike mou

Gosyan Kose

psyсhonaut is not dsbm it suks and moterfucking nooooob