BDO 10/31 patch Musa unreal PVE buff | Manshaums or sausans..?

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BDO 10/31 patch Musa unreal PVE buff | Manshaums or sausans..?

22 142 views | 5 Nov. 2018
22 142 views | 5 Nov. 2018

228 ap musa clear speed: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/331390062?t=01h44m53s

Feel free to ask questions in the comments

Buffs I run (that increase grind speed):

serendia - hamburg - kama

PVE draughts or no elixirs

Forward blind thrust + dragon bite for 50% crit buff (100% uptime)

Musa consume Z buff (100% uptime)

*After this buff I dont need to run a single food/elixir and I'll still over clear the rotation*

I make 45-55m an hour with out a loot scroll and 60-250m with a loot scroll.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/filthy_fish

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybtS7Ao9wog&t=

Gear: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/337011933054107660/498653055470927882/unknown.png

Settings: https://imgur.com/a/jjm0nxP

addons: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/229443628127354892/483066472436989962/unknown.png

warscores: https://imgur.com/a/hByswKG

Songs: Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime

Vic Mensa - Reverse


Cómo cambiar el nombre y la contraseña de WiFi CNT - Rapido y Facil -Paso a Paso

dude they die like gahaz xD those manshaums die so fast with that much ap i am on 227 with tet kutum and if i compare this damn son thats insane

dark lokoj

hey man how are you using rbf potions in manshaums

John Marcus

can you make a PVE video on Mirumok Ruins ?


Yeah... I couldn't understand why they felt the need to buff one of the strongest grinding classes when I saw those patch notes.


what ap is recommended here?

Christopher Kirk

"228 ap musa clear speed" If I remember right you're like 50 AP over that arent you? Is that a typo in your description?

Christian B

Dude super new to the game seen a few of your vids you help with gear and shit? Rerolled from warrior to musa RIP

Mihai-Daniel Muresan



dragon bite has no crit buff?!


you could at least use other abilities, that looks really like a braindead montage lol so hard !!!!!


How is he able to use RBF/battle arena potions??

Enes Yılmaz

Hey brother, i am 235 ap with kutum and i wanna maximize the efficiency to grind here before i start for the best outcome i got 1 tri witch and 1 tri tungrad and i am using down attack and crit damage on my Kutum crystals should i switch to 2 narcs and 2 valtarra crystals is it worth to drop 2 ap for 12 kama damage i ll be at manshaums for a very long time tho.

crosshairsize 1

im playing warrior and i dont want to reroll, because of spending money for buy to weight and slot, but i get so much bored when im grinding with my warrior.. idk.. musa is look like so much fun. GZ btw. following since your warrior videos and i miss them xD (sryforbadengland)

Jur Takeeya

Hi. I have 237 ap ang pen kutum getting 2k trash is hard i use also tent buff and serendia knight food buff how to get more loots i use that rotation also


How can you use battlefield potions outside the battlefield?


Everyday, I itch to reroll away from Warrior. PepeHands

Hoq e

Hey man, what crystals do you run i the offhand? Inspiring video btw!

Mr. Marvin

Hey I'm a new Musa (lvl 57 @ 139 AP) and I feel like a wet rag. Good to know we get better. What is your PvE skill rotation in this vid? Also what's a Z buff? Thanks in advance!

Etre Eau

How do you use Chase so much faster in your pre-awakened set? Do you cancel it w/ LMB?


What was the buff?


this is with tet kutum right?

Mr. Jenkins

Try hystria with that


Why they buffed Musa , lol ? He was already strong at both PVE & PVP. Fiery Crevice is so much stronger in PVE now , and it's easier to one combo someone in 1v1 with DP debuff on Dash Slash xD Nice vid & music , Fish ❤

Yang Mulia

hey new to this game, isnt that potion for rbf? how do you use it for grinding?

Hsu Micheal

I got 234 ap with Tet kutum.. why the clear speed is way slow than yours? I've saw your channel and most of them are more than 27x ap videos..

Jesse Senpai





do u use projection at all or no


257 ap musa gonna be gud there?


so manshaum > akmaan ?