Colors Flying High Full (Cleanest) - Persona 5 Royal OST

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Colors Flying High Full (Cleanest) - Persona 5 Royal OST

1 839 542 views | 24 Feb. 2020
1 839 542 views | 24 Feb. 2020

Cleanest version of "Colors Flying High" from what I can find.

Credit to skull (rest in peace that channel) for the clean edit of the second half.

Google Drive link for mp3 downloads of all my Colors flying high edits:



El Señor de los Cielos 4 | Capitulo 26 | Telemundo

You guys keep discussing who's best girl yet don't realize y'all have no culture whatsoever. It's clearly Lyn Inaizumi

Fish Fishy

This song scratches my brain like sandpaper

I love it

Arnold Hubbard

I appreciate that in the opening for the game, we see Panther's butt


This is a honest bop









Chris Kemp

No doubt that this lady is my new favorite singer. Unmatched skill.


Some say best girl is Makoto, some say is Sumire, but deep down we all know that Morgana is a SIMP

Mason Cafe

Trust God....

Games 'n Vogs

2:12 holdin' on to the limousine and when you stand and show them all where you stand
can you smell it? (sniff sniff) that's the smell of engrish

Josué López Salazar

Buena cancion xd hola amigos


I just finished the game and now I'm sad bc I have nothing to do. And before people tell me to play new game + I dont want to. I like going into experiences blind and getting a feel for it. Going through something twice isnt as fun.


Picture is cool have this saved to my computer

Lucky Cookie

Ann is waifu of the game

Wesley Packham

0:07 twd98 be like

Obese Child

Misheard lyrics (starting from 1:44 since i have the first verse memorized)
What's your end city?
Ethnics not like mine,
Not identical.
We know we've gotta balance
and come in line,
or a heart,
color race,
tell us who to hate, and who('s) a door
and as you try
to sword out what you've been flirting for
hold your Moe
exorcism noises
show them all,
peering stand
so choose your colors, true and bright
as we're all leeches in a-
(correct lyrics until 3:16)
so choose the color you will fly,
i don't like your conditions
give it all, be the best 'cause nothing less will do,
you can rule the world with colors flying high,
your jet with a ignition
(normal lyrics for the last bit)


Dear Atlus. Let me date Ryuji! That is all, thank you


Perfect game

TuckeredOut 28

This is the moment i was sold on the game

Chris Kemp

Is it weird that I sorta enjoy the quality drop?




2:04 I can’t stop replaying here!

raja S bhabar bhabar

भाई आप मेरे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब कर दो मै आप का चैनल सब्सक्राइब कर दूंगा. .


If I were a persona 5 charater it would be haru

Joziah Jackson

i stared playing persona 5 because it was on ps now for free now here i am on my 5th play thru
thanks ps now

pikachucet the second

Persona 5 is one of the few games I’ve played that I think deserves the praise it gets (more specifically Royal). I don’t know if my reasons for thinking it’s great are different from why other people think it’s great but still

Joseph Parcelewicz

Nah all yall Lakin it's ann all the way

Murasaki Desu

176 People needs a change of heart

Super Gaming Bro XCVI

I'm not the only one who thought their headphones/ earbuds broke in the 2nd chorus, right...?


Best waifu is Ann's ass

Chro Nos

The bass at the start made my headphones physically shake


I honestly prefer this over Wake up, get up, get out there but thats just my personal preference


Before my brother quit his job I would always watch the intro before playing. Never thought I would ever play this franchise.

Halepeno 2401

I like the old opening but this song is SO GOOD

Dream Viper

Lukasz Szustak



I love this song.

Touge Sasakure

What a base.


wake up get out there is so much better fuck

Le Diable

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ <{...}

Dream Viper

There still isn't a full version. Come on Atlus!


I love how the intro of this you can hear the melody switching between your left and right headphone ears very so slightly

Apollo FGC

Why isn’t this in the soundtrack? There’s only the opening version...

エミル [Emil]

1M views baby

Epic guy Cool

This song is so good I wish I could buy it the game and the song

Some random name

Lyrics from the wiki and official lyric sheet:

Your flag, your alibi
Can you hide behind
Claiming might is right?

Raise your fist to the sky
While below your boots
Common men die

Colors fly
Tell us who to love and who to hate
And by the by
Will the mem'ries of our morals fade?
Staying true
To your own convictions in this haze
Is harder to / Do than say

So choose a color to live by
Your goal, your faith, your virtue
Give it all
Be the best cause nothing less will do

You can rule the world with colors flying high
You know that if you stay true
Green or blue
Red or white
You can't lose
With your colors flying high

What's your aesthetics, ethics?
It's not like mine
Not identical

We know we got a balance,
A common line
Or a hard fall

Colors rise
Tell us who to hate and who adore
And as you try
To sort out what you've been fighting for
Holding on

To the line you drew into the sand
Will show them all
Where you stand

So choose your colors true and bright
As hero, liege or sinner
Give it all
Be the best cause nothing less will do
If you must go down with colors flying high
You know you're still a winner
Pink or pale
Black as night
You can't fail
With your colors flying high

So choose the color you will fly
Fight on for your convictions
Give it all
Be the best cause nothing less will do
You can rule the world with colors flying high
Your genuine ignition
Green or blue
Red or white
You can't lose
With your colors flying high

MooshShmou Lou


Shadowmoon Gaming

How is there only 11k likes?!

kakeru かける1.5

I love this game's song……
It is one of the most favorite song



the 2nd half isnt even that bad ngl

Luke Jarvis

Pakistani Kids: "I will sacrifice my life for Pakistan!!"

American adults: *Rioting in streets"


Great channel new friend here let’s stay connected ✍

Stop stealing my video bruh



This ost make me fly.

James S

I guess they're just never planning to release this, huh

cuongdungphu thanhlanngoc Group

chill music


I like dancing all day with this song so I also think this game is more good because. They add more phantom thieves.

Tanya Sellars

The song of the weekend
(Not many people will get this joke)

Misef Allen Argandoña

meditation music


Wow I never even realized the full version released lol

Gecku Chicken

I really like the change between 2:13 and 2:49, although im not really sure what is actually changing from a technical standpoint. If someone knows please tell me (:

daija hernandez

last week tonight


Just vibin' to this in 7th period.

Stuart Benitez

What genre of music would this fall under. I love it and the game

Chicago Blues


Christina Johnson

:) I heard this at the beginning of the game

666 666

sub to just another name or else he come to ur house with a meme

Spaceman Spiff

You can actually hear the annunciation in lines that haven't been completely smoothed over in post

Chaz Dubois Ketsueki

This rivals Ocarina of Time making P5 and Ghost of Tsushima the only two who come close


Ann's ass has more screen time then Haru

Jonathan Dee

I like the song but it kinda sounds like it's from P5A than P5 itself. It doesn't fill you with the sense of Rebellion like with Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There.


Best girl is sojiro

Pixel Lated

Wow...1.7 milion view...cool


i can never get the lyrics in persona music accurately

Youssef HEGAZY 2

one dances in a traffic, the other in the rain swatting an umbrella that could hit anyone.

Jordan Deadley

Just here to remind everyone Makoto is the most overrated character in existence


やっと見つけた! 曲名分からなくて耳コピ力も皆無だから見つけるのに半年かかった

Christopher Herman

I can't stop listening to the first 23 seconds

Antonieta Monteiro



My friend forced me into this game. I couldn't stop playing for a month.

Cuddly McDoominator


Papa Donut

"You're black, your alibi"

free headd

Jesus loves you



Angry Grievous

Song that might play when you try to bang your teacher.


Kono kyokuno subarashisaganakereba 120jikanwo 10jikakandemankitsudekinakat


What if they made a Sumire as a
character in smash but her final smash is a showtime

A crab

This is the theme of akechi and Ren laying next to each other

Mint Ruto

i love persona 5


sometimes i just turn my ps4 on and let it play on repeat since that tunes on the P5R dinamic theme


3:42 “your ditto animation”

A Vegan Pizza

When you realize Americans make fun of video games as being a childish hobby, but the soundtracks for them are better than the music that is on the radio.

Aidan Drotzur

Always thought the beginning was saying "Your back your always back in a heartbeat" and the beding was saying "repair a broken heart"

Landis 97

so... does anyone actually get what the song is about? to me it mostly seems to be talking to shido from the thieves' perspective, and that "colors flying high" refer to political parties ("your flag your alibi", "tell us who to love and who to hate", "choose a color to live by"), giving the whole song a cynical, somewhat sarcastic tone and being essentially about power struggles in modern society and how oppressive they are to people ("raise your fist to the sky but below your boots common men die", "staying true to your convictions in this haze is harder to do than say") , but some parts genuinely confuse me. like that "be the best cause nothing less will do", what is it talking about, and to whom? given how in the opening kasumi/sumire is featured during that moment i've always associated that line with her, and it fits, but what does that have to do with the rest of the song?

honestly this is a bop but i think i still like the original opening and song better. it's less convoluted which makes for a stronger impact imo and the stylized coloring was just so cool


Why is the file so big?

Dank Doge720

The song I’m singing while I’m putting my pride flags on my ceiling.


This needs to be on Spotify

Rocco The Rayquaza

I glad you made this but when is the official full version coming out? P5R has been out for a while now in the US and other regions. And it’s not like we can’t take the ost from the game, I mean people have done this with all the other songs so why not this song?