Infinite Choices 1.10.2 Ep05 Actually Additions Farmer FTW

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Infinite Choices 1.10.2 Ep05 Actually Additions Farmer FTW

4 748 views | 23 Nov. 2016
4 748 views | 23 Nov. 2016

Who need food? I do and today in Episode 5 we want to make Spaghetti to feed us but we need a wheat farm and Actually Additions farmer comes to our rescue. We temper the power needs by throttling it with an EnderIO capacitor and an RFtools sequencer so it uses less power.


[SDVX] [HS 0.5] 壊Rave*it!! 壊Rave*it!! MXM 99.2
Suntanned Duck2

I needed an episode like this, too much lack of ideas to do in Minecraft today and too much annoying people on youtube just to listen to music. This is just what I needed. Also your bases/homes are great. I just make cobblestone boxes so you have more aesthetic ideas than me. The best base I use is a desert temple and renovate space around the treasure room underneath the main space of the desert for storage and machines. Recommended base.

Pixilated Scroll

this episode was great..love the design of the base..i suggest a tree farm and toss another sterling gen out there and forget about it..well until you want to automate food production at least, but you probably want some wireless transfer before you do that or crazy pipes all over the place.

TheReal Infinite

Choekstr you should make a better generator because that one isn't very good you knpw